Liberian President Joseph Nuymah Calls for Accountability and Service Excellence in Cabinet Commissioning Ceremony

Feb 22, 2024 - 20:09
Feb 22, 2024 - 20:10
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Liberian President Joseph Nuymah Calls for Accountability and Service Excellence in Cabinet Commissioning Ceremony

Monrovia-In a ceremony marking the commissioning of cabinet members and other officials, President Joseph Nuyman Boakai reiterated his administration's dedication to fostering accountable governance and delivering on promises made to the Liberian people. The event, held to officially appoint key individuals tasked with governing the nation, saw the induction of several experienced and dedicated individuals into positions of public service.

Addressing attendees during the commissioning ceremony at the executive Mansion, President Boakai emphasized the departure from past practices, asserting that the days of "business-as-usual" were over for his administration. He underscored the imperative for appointed officials to execute their duties efficiently and selflessly for the public good, signaling a commitment to a new era of governance in Liberia.

The President highlighted the pivotal role of the cabinet as the highest decision-making body, stressing the need for ministers and heads of agencies to perform at the highest level to realize the government's developmental agenda. He outlined expectations for immediate interventions, including the execution of a 100-day deliverable plan, and called for productive engagements with the legislature and judiciary to advance national interests.

To enhance accountability and transparency, President Joseph Boakai announced the implementation of a Performance Management Compliance System, requiring every cabinet minister and agency head to sign a performance contract. Additionally, he mandated all government officials to declare their assets to comply with anti-graft regulations, reaffirming a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption.

 The President underscored his administration's commitment to monitoring performance and engaging citizens in the decision-making process. He revealed plans to activate the Citizens Feedback Mechanism Project nationwide, empowering citizens to participate actively in governance and hold officials accountable.

 President Boakai reminded officials of their duty to serve the nation with professionalism and compassion. He urged them to rise above privilege and trappings, embracing the opportunity to honestly transform Liberia for the betterment of all citizens.

 As the ceremony concluded, President Boakai invoked divine blessings on the work ahead, expressing optimism for a brighter future for Liberia under the stewardship of dedicated public servants.

The commissioning ceremony marks a significant milestone in Liberia's journey towards accountable governance and national development, setting the stage for a period of transformative change under the leadership of President Joseph Nuymah Boakai

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