FeJAL Leadership Appoints Executive Committees, County Coordinators, Others

Feb 7, 2024 - 00:09
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 FeJAL Leadership Appoints Executive Committees, County Coordinators, Others
Monrovia, Feb 6, 2024 - The Leadership of the Female Journalists Association of Liberia (FEJAL) has appointed its Executive Committee members, County Coordinators and other specialized committees to serve the Association’s interests
and vision.
The Executive committees include Grievance & Ethics, Welfare, Membership, Program and Planning, Ways and Means/Resource Mobilization.
Other specialized committees are Academic and Opportunities and Diaspora Relations.
These appointments align with Article six (6), Section five (5) of FeJAL’s Constitution, which grants the President the absolute power in consultation with other officers to appoint committees and propose measures for the promotion of the aims and objectives of the Association that provides for an expanded and inclusive leadership to enhance the smooth running of the Association.
The newly appointed committees and coordinators will play a pivotal role in driving the organization's strategic initiatives, fostering collaboration, and ensuring an empowered Association.
Their expertise and dedication will contribute significantly to the growth and success of FEJAL.
The appointed Executive Committee members are:
Grievance & Ethics Committee
1. Varnetta Johnson Freeman --Chair
2. Olive Thomas Dweh --Co-Chair
3. Jenneh Kemokai --Secretary
4. Estelle Liberty Keemon--Member
5. Facia Harris -------Member
6. Helen Nah Sammie --Member
7. Catherine Nyenkan --Member
Welfare Committee
1. Augusta Siah Lafaley - Chair
2. Aaronic Gitayee - Co-Chair
3. Benetta Bowah - Secretary
4. Leila Gbati - Member
5. Charlesetta Goodlin - Member
6. Vangerline Kpoto - Member
7. Agatha Fayambo - Member
8. Mercy George - Member
Membership Committee
1. Massa Kanneh Telleh - Chair
2. Anna Nance - Co-Chair
3. Gbolu Beyan - Secretary
4. Workadah Bouh - Member
5. Fabine Kwiah - Member
6. Martina N. Tukpah - Member
7. Lazota Bility - Member
8. Mariam Johnson - Member
Programs & Planning Committee
1. Ladymai Hunter-Summon - Chair
2. Irene Deline Horton----Co-Chair
3. Evangeline D. Sirleaf----Secretary
4. Joanna Barsseh –--- Member
5. Dennise Nimpson - Member
6. Aryee Davis - Member
7. Ruth Gbatoe - Ex-Officio
Way Means/Resource Mobilization Committee
1. Dannise Love-Dennis Dodoo ---- Chair
2. Ida Amelia Reeves --- Co-Chair
3. Gloria Tamba --- Secretary
4. Saywhar N. Gbaa –Member
5. Alexandra Amnon - Member
6. Grace Gaie - Member
7. Vivian A. Cooke - Member
Specialized Committees:
Academic & Opportunities Committee
1. Rita Jlogbe Duoe - Chair
2. Princess Howard Tennie – Co-Chair
3. Joyclyn Wea - Secretary
4. Bettie Johnson Mbayo - Member
5. Patience Dalieh - Member
6. Fatu Kamara - Member
7. Antoinette Sendolo - Ex-Officio
Diaspora Relations Committee
1. Melissa Chea-Annan-Chair
2. Martha Koryeyon - Co-Chair
3. Danlette Washington-Secretary
4. Akai A. Glidden-Member
5. Lisa Dahn - Member
6. Abigail Duwor - Member
7. Mennekeh Pshorr - Ex-Officio
Additionally, the Appointed County and Regional Coordinators are:
Sinoe County
1. Sarah Ellis - Regional (Sinoe, Rivergee, Maryland, G. Kru, G. Gedeh) &
County Coordinator
2. Cynthia Nyenkan---Assistant Coordinator
Grand Gedeh County
1. Janet Wanner ----Coordinator
2. Jessica Gaye----Assistant Coordinator
Grand Kru County
1. Regina Wlatee Juwle ---Coordinator
2. Comfort Doe-----Assistant Coordinator
Rivergee County
1. Helena Sleh - Coordinator
2. Ruth Kamara—Assistant Coordinator
Maryland County
1. Vanessa Sackey – Coordinator
2. Elizabeth Cheechea-Assistant Coordinator
Nimba County
1. Willet Rejoice Wonyonneh – Regional (Nimba, Bong, Lofa) and County
2. Ruth Jeffery—-Assistant Coordinator
Bong County
1. Miatta Roberts --- Coordinator
2. Consolata Varney---Assistant Coordinator
Lofa County
1. Victoria Wesseh ---- Coordinator
2. Jestina Hallie --- Assistant Coordinator
Margibi County
1. Christina Sonpon---Regional (Bassa, Rivercess & Margibi) & County
2. Christine Sajery ---Assistant Coordinator
Grand Bassa
1. Dekontee L. Yeahgar ---- Coordinator
2. Judy Dolobah-----Assistant Coordinator
Rivercess County
1. Charlesetta Cole-----Coordinator
2. Victoria Younge-----Assistant Coordinator
Bomi County
1. Ukera Tarpeh---Regional (Bomi, Capemount, Gbarpolu) and County
2. Bendu Stewart----Assistant Coordinator
Grand Capemount
1. Munah Lagree –-- Coordinator
2. Watta Badah----Assistant Coordinator
Korpo Tarweh---Coordinator
Marilyn Juah Griffiths - Coordinator
FeJAL is confident that those appointed will bring new perspectives, innovation, and
valuable insights that will contribute to the growth and advancement of women
journalists and the Association.
About the Association:
FeJAL is a media development organization established to promote social justice,
equal opportunities, and create a safe working environment for women in the media.
FeJAL envisions a media landscape where women journalists are equally represented and treated the same as their male counterparts, providing professional capacity development for female journalists as well as other media practitioners and
also other media-related groups.
Patience Baye Koromah
Secretary FeJAL
Madam Lisa Tenneh Diasay
President FeJAL

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