Mining Companies MOU to be Reviewed Soon....

Feb 6, 2024 - 23:56
Feb 6, 2024 - 23:57
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Mining Companies MOU to be Reviewed Soon....

Capitol Hill: The House’s Committee Chair on Lands, Mines Natural Resources management of the House Representatives, Eugene JM Kollie, has pledged to thoroughly review and reassess all mining agreements between the government of Liberia and various mining companies across the nation.

 Speaking in a press conference at his Capital Building office on Monday Representative Kollie urged President Joseph Nyuma Boakai to promptly appoint a competent Land Mine and Energy Minister to facilitate this process.

The Bong County District #5 Representative emphasized the importance of revisiting these agreements to ensure that they align with the best interests of the Liberian people. He expressed concerns about potential inconsistencies and loopholes that may exist within the current agreements, which could be detrimental to the country's economic growth and development.

"The over 95 class "B" mining companies and over 6 class "A" mining companies in Liberia must be in readiness to display their documents and MOU signed with communities for fact-checking", Eugene Kollie added.

The House Committee Chair highlighted the need for transparency and accountability in the mining sector, stressing that any agreements made should prioritize the welfare of local communities and the sustainable management of Liberia's natural resources. 

"Using my oversight responsibility, I will ensure that the information displayed to me by mining companies will harmonize with existing realities, thus bringing lot of benefits to our communities and country- Liberia, the CDC policy maker reveal.

He also emphasized the importance of fair compensation for affected communities and the protection of the environment. Representative Kollie acknowledged the significant contributions of the mining industry to Liberia's economy but stressed the need for a fair and equitable distribution of benefits.

 He wants the Liberian Government to negotiate agreements that promote job creation, local content development, and technology transfer to enhance the capacity of Liberians in the mining sector.

Furthermore, the committee chair called on President Boakai to expedite the appointment of a qualified Land Mine and Energy Minister who possessed the necessary expertise and experience to effectively oversee the mining sector. 

"I further call on the president to fast track the appointment of Minister to the Ministry of Lands and Mines, as it is one of the key bedrocks of our nation's economy."

He said the minister should be committed to promoting transparency, accountability, and sustainable development within the industry. Representative Kollie's commitment to reviewing mining agreements and advocating for the appointment of a competent minister has been welcomed by various stakeholders. 

Civil society organizations, local communities, and mining companies have expressed their support for his efforts to ensure a fair and transparent mining sector that benefits all Liberians.

As the House Committee Chair on Land, Mine, Energy, and Resources, Representative Kollie's determination to address the challenges within the mining sector is seen as a positive step towards promoting responsible mining practices and maximizing the benefits for Liberia and its citizens.

Speaking further Representative Kollie welcome and reaffirm the establishment of war and economic crimes court in Liberia, noting that it will end the culture of impunity in Liberia.

"Also, let it be know to Liberians and the world that this office supports the War and Economy Crimes Court to be established in Liberia; therefore, I want to call on president Joseph Nyumah Boakai Sr. to reemphasize the establishment of the court as he did in his inaugural address, but omitted during his first SONA".

It can be recalled on January 22, 2024, in his inaugural address to the nation Liberia's President Joseph Nyuma Boakai said his government have decided to setup an office to explore the feasibility for the establishment of War and Economic Crimes court in Liberia.

"We have decided to set up an office to explore the feasibility for the establishment of War and Economic Crimes Court (WECC) to provide an opportunity for those who bear the greatest responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity to account for their actions in court." president Boakai said.

"We shall seek advice and assistance from the Office of the United Nations Secretary General to ensure that the court, if found feasible, will be in compliance with highest standards of similar courts everywhere" the Liberia continues.

The Bong County District 5 CDC lawmaker said the President position on the WECC in Liberia demonstrates Liberia readiness to fight corrupt and hold accountable those who bear the greatest responsibility of the 14 years of Liberia civil war.

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