Sen. Cyrus Calls for Cancellation of Multimillion Resident Permit Contract B/W Government and CONTEC Global Reported Violation of Laws.

May 2, 2024 - 13:57
May 2, 2024 - 13:58
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Sen. Cyrus Calls for Cancellation of Multimillion Resident Permit Contract B/W Government and CONTEC Global Reported Violation of Laws.

By: Blamo N. Toe/Contributing Writer

Capitol Hill: Lofa County Senator, Momo Cyrus called for the cancellation of a multimillion resident permit contract between the Liberian government and CONTEC Global Liberia for reportedly violating the country’s laws.

Addressing a team of legislative reporters Tuesday, April 30, 2024 following the submission of his official communication to the plenary, Senator Cyrus stressed that the US$40 million contract awarded to the company did not pass through the 54th Legislature especially the Liberian Senate thus amounting to gross violation.

“When we took office; we agreed that the Liberian people should feel our impact as senators so Liberians can benefit. So I took keen interest in this contract between the Liberian Government and a company called CONTEC Global,” he said.    

Senator Cyrus who chairs the Senate Committee on Defense, Security, Intelligence and Veteran Affairs disclosed that his committee's in-depth investigation revealed concrete reasons why the contract with the Conte Global for the Digitization of Alien Resident Permits (CONTEC) should be cancelled.

He said during the investigation in which the Public Procurement and Concessions Commission, the Liberia Immigration Service, the Liberia Revenue Authority and the National Security Agency were invited, uncovered that the contract did not involve the LRA as required by law before being awarded.

“LRA happens to be the revenue arm of our country but it was not involved and I think this is grave and very concerning,” Senator Cyrus noted.   

Senator Cyrus also indicated that the contract is supposed to produce 350,000 resident cards for a period of five (5) years, stressing that it is impossible for Liberia to produce such a huge number of cards considering Liberia’s alien registration document.

The renowned security expert added that according to his research, 17,000 to 20,000 residents pass through the Liberian borders and reside in the country every year.

Therefore, he maintained that it beats his imagination for the country to have done a contract with the company to produce over 350,000 cards annually, terming such a clause enshrined within the contractual paper as unimaginable and unrealistic.

Senator Cyrus remained firm on one of the recommendations contained in his committee investigative report upon reviewing the entire contract, that such contract be cancelled despite his communication being sent to committee room to further advise the plenary.

He considered the contract as a matter of national security concern as such; the Lofa County Senator is seeking the urgent attention of the plenary of the Liberian Senate to do the needful in the interest of the country and its citizens.

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