Civil Society Raises Concerns Over Nomination of Vice Chair for Liberia Land Authority

Apr 11, 2024 - 21:43
Apr 11, 2024 - 21:44
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Civil Society Raises Concerns Over Nomination of Vice Chair for Liberia Land Authority

By: Winifred Sackor

In a recent statement, civil society groups have expressed concern over the nomination of another citizen of Bong County for the position of Vice Chair of the Liberia Land Authority (LLA). They argue that this decision may not align with the LLA's mandate and could be perceived as violating the LLA Act.

"We urge His Excellency the President to reconsider this nomination and take appropriate action," emphasized Togba, a representative of the civil society. "The Liberia Land Authority is not a political institution but a technical one, aimed at addressing the historical injustices and inequities in land protection and tenure faced by many Liberians, especially those in rural communities."

Togba further highlighted the non-political nature of the LLA, emphasizing its role in overseeing the implementation of land laws aimed at rectifying past injustices. In line with this mission, plans are underway for a second national land conference involving all stakeholders to review implementation, identify challenges, and explore opportunities for reform.

"We hope the Government will fully support and participate in this conference to address the myriad challenges affecting the land sector," Togba concluded.

The civil society's concerns underscore the importance of ensuring that appointments to key positions reflect the objectives and principles of institutions like the Liberia Land Authority, which play a crucial role in addressing historical grievances and promoting equitable land rights for all Liberians.

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