Rep. Alex Noah Calls for Review of all Concessions in Liberia

Mar 12, 2024 - 17:42
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   Rep. Alex Noah Calls for Review of all Concessions in Liberia

By: William K. Howard

Capitol Hill: Sinoe County electoral district  #3 Representative, and Chair: Commerce and Industries has humbly drew the attention of the members of the 55th Legislature to the many concession agreements signed with the Government of Liberia that according to him seem not to be providing the corresponding benefits for the ordinary people of the country.

According to Alex S. Noah ‘’We live at a time that the minerals of the country are being exploited at maximum level, even including concessions in the Agri-sector, where a boom is being experienced, yet our people are faced with the lack of benefits from these concessions”.

Alex Noah stated that Liberians are faced with an irony; having a country rich in natural resources but yet the citizens live in abject poverty. He note that over the years, the country has produced some of the best iron ores, gold and many other precious metals and stones but only to the good of the foreign partners. ‘’This is a fundamental challenge of our governance system, meaning the way we are used to doing business has to be review for recalibrating”.


Rep. Noah wants the legislature look into how they are managing the resources of the country, so that the issues of poverty, education, health and other basic needs of the local people can be adequately addressed. In this direction he stated, and with the support of his colleagues including the speaker, it behooves him and the people of District #3, Sinoe county to make this clarion call to the House to muster the courage to critically institute a thorough review of all the concession agreements to purposely unveil the fundamental flaws that continue to deprive our people and our nation from receiving maximum benefits of the exploited vast natural resources.


“Mr. Speaker and my Fellow Colleagues, this proposal may seems weighty, but on a broader note, it is our shared responsibility to change the course of action for the betterment of our people and the nation, to shift the paradigm to enable a new approach to finding solution to the problems confronting our people in the sectors mentioned herein”.


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