MOVEE Expels Party Chair, Robert Sammy and Others, Sites Administrative Wrongdoing

May 6, 2024 - 18:13
May 6, 2024 - 18:15
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MOVEE Expels Party Chair, Robert Sammy and Others, Sites Administrative Wrongdoing

By: William K. Howard

Paynesville City: A group tagged`` Majority Members of the Movement for Economic Empowerment” says the party has with immediate effect come to a conclusion and expelled Mr. Robert Sammy as National chairman of the party.

MOVEE making the disclosure at its headquarters Sunday in Paynesville said, their decision to expel Mr. Sammy is backed by the 2016 bi law and constitution of the party which is stated below:

WHEREAS, pursuant to Article VI Section 2(a) of MOVEE’S 2016 bi-laws & Constitution, the National Executive is the highest decision-making body in the absence of National Convention;

WHEREAS, cognizant of Article XIV Section 5(a) of MOVEE‘s 2016 Bi-laws and Constitution which provides that a simple majority of members of the National Executive Committee (NEC) is needed to effect all decisions, including administrative decisions; taking disciplinary actions against executives and members in violations of the party’s Bi-Laws & Constitution and effecting some changes in the party’s county and national leadership structures;

WHEREAS, ARTICLE XVIII Section 5 (d) of MOVEE’s 2016 bye-laws & Constitution, states that an executive of the party can be punished for Embezzlement/Misappropriation/Misapplication or mismanagement of party funds;

WHEREAS, MOVEE’s 2016 Bye-Laws & Constitution provides that the National Vice Chair for Administration, National Secretary General and National Treasurer or Vice Chair for Fiscal Affairs should be signatory to the party’s account;

WHEREAS, ARTICLE XVII Section 5 of MOVEE’S 2016 Bi-laws & Constitution provides that the disbursement of funds of the Party shall at all times require two (2) authorized signatures as contained in the Party’s Financial Policy/Standard Operating procedures;

WHEREAS, aware of the need for all officials and partisans of MOVEE to conduct themselves honestly and be truthful in the provision of information;

WHEREAS, the National Secretary General, assisted by the Deputy and Assistant Secretary Generals are clothed with the functions of supervising and coordinating the day to day administration of the Party;

WHEREAS, Consistent with Article VII Section 2(u) which states: “It (the National Executive Committee) reserves the right; and has the power to suspend for any length of time and/or dismiss/expel and replace any chairperson(s)/head (s), official(s) and/or member (s) of any committee, commission, auxiliary/organ and  staff (i.e. nationally elected/recruited, locally elected/recruited,  regionally elected/recruited, internationally elected/recruited, or  not) of the Party without making any reference to the Grievance and Ethics Committee of the Party whenever it becomes necessary/prudent in the wisdom of the National Executive Committee of the Party.  In such instance; its decision becomes binding and final”.

They said their decision is also based on several administrative wrong-doing while serving as national chairperson some of which include:

Movement for Economic Empowerment also has removed the National Secretary General, Mr. Jonathan A. Wordsworth, and Vice Chair for Finance & Fiscal Affairs, Mr. Saye Biyie.

Meanwhile, Mathew Shan has been appointed by the majority members of MOVEE as acting chair of the institution for the period of thirty days,


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