Man 90 Goes Missing as Court Summons John Wiah for Investigation

May 13, 2024 - 20:01
May 14, 2024 - 00:43
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Man 90 Goes Missing as Court Summons John Wiah for Investigation

By: Victor Gowah

Grand Gedeh County: Grand Gedeh County Pennokon Magisterial Court has handed a an 82-year-old man identified as John Wiah for his involvement in the mysterious disappearance of Peter Flahn, age 90, in Putu Administrative District, Grand Gedeh County. 

90-year-old Peter Fahn has been reported missing for nearly two weeks and he is yet to be discovered. The incident since has prompted serious action from families and local leaders, leading to the conduct of thorough traditional investigation that revealed and linked suspect John Wiah who later admitted to his involvement in Peter Flahn’s mysterious disappearance.

The court after said admittance has handed John Wiah with high demands coming in from families and local leaders to have him to produce the living body of Peter Flahn.

John Wiah was recently turned over by local leaders and traditional leaders to the Pennokon Magisterial Court after he admitted that he has taken the living body of Peter Flahn under water, stating that (Peter Flahn) living or dead body cannot be found due to spiritual happenings.

According to residents, Peter Flahn, age 90 was last seen on Saturday, April 27, 2024 going to inspect his traps. The disappearance of Peter Flahn has increased to two disappearances of people in Putu Jarwodee, Putu administrative district, Grand Gedeh County so far.

However, the court has vow to prosecute John Wiah and ensure the discovery of Peter Flahn. The incident has also drawn fear among citizens in the county with some calling for on the  national government for full intervention.

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