Motorcycle Executive Pleads for Calm as LNP Begin Motorcycle Regulation Today

May 15, 2024 - 14:57
May 19, 2024 - 12:21
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Motorcycle Executive Pleads for Calm as LNP Begin Motorcycle Regulation Today

By: William K. Howard

Monrovia: As national government motorcycle restriction begin today, May 15, 2024 across central Monrovia, Trokon Gray the lead head for Motorcyclists in Liberia is calling on cyclists across Monrovia to remain peaceful as he and other executives are engaging national stakeholders, aim at finding a more suitable solution to the situation.

“Fellow Motorcyclists, please be calm as we continue to engage the government through a peaceful manner. Let’s always hold together, because unity is the best way forward’’ he posted on his official Facebook page Wednesday afternoon.

Weeks ago, the Liberia National Police in an effort to curtail the waves of accidents and ensure safety to its citizens, announced a No Go Zone Restriction for motorcyclists, stopping them from riding on the main streets of the country’s capital.

Days later, the mandate by the LNP was greeted with strong resistance and criticism from cyclists and Montserrado districts #9 and 10 Representatives, describing the LNP’s action as a total disservice to the motorcycle community with some expressing that motorcycle riding is an alternative means for livelihood in the midst of huge unemployment.

Following public sentiments, Vice President Jeremiah Koung launched an intervention into the matter, holding meetings with both Motorcycle and LNP authorities where they agreed to have a reconsideration of their decision but therefore initiated another method where every motorcycle plying the principle streets of Monrovia will now be required to wear on helmets, Shoes/ Insurance sticker, License Plate and umbrella among other key safety equipment.

Despite all this dialogue, some citizens are still complaining that the May 15, 2024 timeline for them is too tight to allow them to raise money and carry on what is required of them by the government, though they remain a key contributor to the national economy. 


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