Fear Grips Liberia as Fire Disasters Escalate: Nationwide Awareness Campaign Launched

Apr 17, 2024 - 10:38
Apr 17, 2024 - 10:55
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Fear Grips Liberia as Fire Disasters Escalate: Nationwide Awareness Campaign Launched

Monrovia-The increasing waves of fire disasters in Liberia have still fear in the face of many citizens across the country. From January to April 2024, there have been numerous of fire outbreak  just in Montserrado with few in other parts of Liberia.

 Just to name few, Montserrado county senator Saah Joseph’s House was gutted by fire with no death or casualties; in district Montserrado county just a step away from the sitting representative’s house of Michael Thomas, another fire outbreak occurred leaving a few individual burned and dead; In the township of west point district seven Montserrado county, a fire disaster left several community dwellers homeless and frustrated; and in district eight (8) Montserrado county another fire disaster occurred with no death.

However the recent fire incident the speaker of the 55th house of representative J Fonati Koffa has garnered the attention of the newly inducted fire service director general, G. Warsuway Barvoul.

During the ministry of information’s regular press briefing, the fire service Boss clearly stated that a nationwide awareness campaign will kick off Soon.

  G. Warsuway Barvoul said the awareness is intended to educate citizens on the danger of fire and how to prevent oneself during fire outbreak “Ladies and gentlemen of the press, fellow colleagues, the Liberia National fire will carry on a nationwide awareness in the entire country and teach citizens about fire and how to prevent themselves from fire outbreak even before Fire service arrived on the scene” he said

Meanwhile during a prompt interview in Paynesville rehab, G. Warsuway Barvouls said LNF lacks numerous logistics mainly trucks to quench fire. He said currently fire service owns three trucks to protect the entire country.

Right now the LNF owns three Engines for the entire country that the reason we are always asking for increment in our budget” he further stated  

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