Bong Mines Hospital on the Verge of Collapse as China Union Fails to Fulfill Corporate Social Responsibilities.

Mar 4, 2024 - 09:25
Mar 4, 2024 - 09:33
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Bong Mines Hospital on the Verge of Collapse as China Union Fails to Fulfill Corporate Social Responsibilities.

Bong County- Kool FM has gathered that Bong Mines Hospital Situated in Fuamah District- Bong county, a vital healthcare facility serving the local community is facing an imminent collapse due to the failure of China Union, a prominent mining company, to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities to the Hospital and affected communities of its Mining in Fuamah, Bong County District#7. The hospital is struggling to provide essential medical services to patients as it grapples with a severe shortage of crucial materials required for its operations.

Few pictures from the Operation Room at Bong mines Hospital.

China Union, which operates a large mining concession in the region, had previously committed in an MDA with the Government of Liberia to supporting the local community by providing necessary resources to the hospital. However, the company's failure to live up to its obligations has left the hospital in a dire state, endangering the lives of countless individuals who rely on its services.

China Union Bong Mining Company, Liberia LTD acquired a 25-year mineral development agreement (MDA) from the Liberian government in 2010, worth US$2.6 billion, but was forced to close its mining operations due to the low price of iron ore on the world market.

The Mineral Development Agreement (MDA), with a value of over US$2 billion, was the second largest concession agreement entered into during the administration of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

The Bong Mining concession was previously acquired and operated by the German’s in the early 1960s but was forced to shut down its mining activities due to the civil crisis in the ‘90s.

Located in the heart of the community, the Bong Mines Hospital has been a lifeline for residents, offering a range of medical services including emergency care, maternity services, and general healthcare. However, the hospital is now on the brink of collapse, unable to adequately cater to the needs of patients due to the lack of essential supplies.

The absence of vital materials such as medicines, medical equipment, and basic necessities has severely hampered the hospital's ability to function effectively. Patients are being turned away, and those admitted are not receiving the level of care they urgently require. The situation has created a sense of desperation among the local population, who are now left with limited access to critical healthcare services.

Community leaders and concerned citizens including the district lawmaker Foday Fahnbullah who spoke to this recently in Fuamah District have expressed their disappointment and frustration with China Union's failure to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities.

They argue that the company's mining operations have not significantly impacted the local environment and the health of residents, making it even more crucial for them to support the hospital adequately.

Efforts to engage with China Union and address the dire situation at Bong Mines Hospital have so far yielded little progress, Bong County electoral District 7 Representative Foday Fahnbullah and community representatives have repeatedly reached out to the company, urging them to honor their commitments and provide the necessary support to save the hospital from collapse however, their pleas have fallen on deaf ears, leaving the hospital and the community in a state of despair.

The impending collapse of Bong Mines Hospital not only poses a significant threat to the health and well-being of the local population but also highlights the urgent need for responsible corporate behavior. China Union's failure to fulfill its obligations raises questions about the company's commitment to the communities in which it operates and the impact of its operations on the local population.


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