Behind the Awards - Paynesville Entertainment Awards

Nov 13, 2023 - 19:55
Nov 13, 2023 - 20:21
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Behind the Awards - Paynesville Entertainment Awards

An industry of entertainment is a universe of talents and creativities that bring distinct individuals together in one working space with each one relying on the other somehow for progress and success. Some will work behind the scenes and never in the public eye while some are in the forefront and getting all the attention and recognition from the public. Now, this brings the significance of awards shows which come in to signify that a particular work of art or individual is worthy of attention. More importantly, it pushes entertainment actors to make more content that would get attention and recognition thus increasing and adding value to the brand of the recipients.

Paynesville is one of the cities in Liberia that is full of talent and entertainment lovers. “If your work is recognized in Paynesville, it’s gonna be recognized anywhere in Liberia”, that’s how the saying goes. Paynesville serves as home for top radio stations like Kool FM, Truth FM, and Metro FM as well as ELBC. It’s also the home of great entertainment centers like Seny Bar, Rennaissance, and Seny Club which are usually overflooded by entertainment lovers daily.

With the above factors mentioned, the Success Entertainment and Media Group (SEMG) headed by Kini Jabathy came up with an event (Paynesville Entertainment Awards - PEA) that focuses on acknowledging the talent, creativity, and contributions of individuals and teams, motivating and inspiring others in the city while also providing a sense of validation and prestige to the recipients. It’s also focused on shining the spotlight on entertainment in Paynesville city and Liberia at large. Entertainment actors to benefit from the award show include bloggers, actors, actresses, artists, record labels, media institutions, OAPs, graphic designers, modeling agencies and models, bodybuilders, etc.

The Success Entertainment and Media Group has already had four (4) editions of the awards show and the 2023 edition is the expected 5th edition.

Has there been cash value attached to the Awards?

As of now, only incentives have been given and most of the entertainers have opined it is better than cash. The incentives include studio time, music video shoots, production, and engineering assistance with copyright legal representation award recognition.

Will there be cash value attached to the awards this year?

Starting with this year’s edition, the top three categories will be considered for cash prizes to be determined by the board once the nomination process is completed.

Below is the timeline for activities involved in this year’s edition of the Paynesville Entertainment Awards.

ü  Paynesville Peace Parade ------October 23, 2023

ü  Nominations ---------------------November 3 -10, 2023

ü  Voting process ------------------ November 12 - December 12, 2023

ü  Paynesville Businesses and Stakeholders Dinner ---- December 18, 2023

ü  Gala-Night/Awards Presentation Night --- December 23, 2023


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