CFRR Honors Success: 17 At-risk Youths Graduate from Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program

Apr 29, 2024 - 07:39
Apr 29, 2024 - 07:40
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CFRR Honors Success: 17 At-risk Youths Graduate from Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program

By: William McGill

Paynesville: The Center for Rehabilitation and Reintegration (CFRR) has commemorated its third graduation ceremony, for 17 at-risk youths who have successfully completed the program aimed at combatting substance abuse.

CFRR, a vital institution offering free support to young individuals grappling with drug abuse, brought together a diverse audience including parents, community members, and government officials to honor the graduates and underscore the importance of their rehabilitation efforts.

Giving an overview at the event, Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon highlighted the center's remarkable track record, noting that none of the rehabilitated youths have relapsed into drug abuse post-treatment. 

Senator Dillon emphasized the urgent need for increased attention to rehabilitation services, acknowledging the center's pivotal role in addressing substance abuse in Liberia.

“There is no 100% guarantee that people leaving from here will not go into relapse, but all of our clients who have left here haven’t gone back into relapse,” he asserted.

He further expressed gratitude towards the CFRR's board for their unwavering support in safeguarding Liberian youth against the perils of substance abuse. 

Senator Dillion added that a provision of a compound in Grand Bassa County by the Senator Nyoblee Karnga-Lawrence for the extension of the center to over 50 at-risk youths, including females has been made. 

“I want to thank the Senate Pro-Tempore for also providing a huge compound in Grand Bassa for the extension of the center,” he added.

For her part, Senate Pro-Tempore Nyoblee Karnga-Lawrence emphasized the government's commitment to securing a brighter future for Liberia's youth, reaffirming promises to allocate resources towards combating drug abuse and supporting at-risk youths. 

“We as leaders are obligated to ensure that there is a future for the generation after us,” she said.

She added, “This government has made a promise and not just an empty promise but has budgeted some money to ensure that attention is paid to at-risk youths.”

She stated that as the CFRR prepares to expand its reach,  she has secured a compound in Grand Bassa for the extension of the center as planned. 

“I made a promise to the center to give a center in Bassa and the focus is to include girls; So we have a facility as Senator Dillon said, it's ready, and we will work with the board so we can have more young people getting rescued.”

She further extended recognition to the dedicated team at CFRR for their relentless efforts and significant strides in combating substance abuse.

Meanwhile, the motivational speaker Joe T. Richards delivered a keen message to the graduates, urging them to reject the allure of drugs and embrace the promise of a brighter future. 

Drawing from personal experience, Richards emphasized the challenges of overcoming addiction and encouraged the graduates to seize control of their lives.

“To my graduates, please say yes to your life and no to drugs because getting into it is easy but getting out of it is hard,” he said.

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