Internal Affairs Minister Holds Mass Meeting in Grand Gedeh Following Citizens Disenchantment

May 1, 2024 - 13:06
May 1, 2024 - 13:35
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Internal Affairs Minister Holds Mass Meeting in Grand Gedeh Following Citizens Disenchantment

By: Victor Gowah

The minister of Internal affairs Mr Francis Sakala Nyumalin has held a mass meeting with People of grand Gedeh county.

The meeting is in effort to mitigate the misunderstanding among the people of grand Gedeh, regarding the appointment of Hon Grant,who had been refused by the people in recent time , the minister of Internal affairs Mr Frances Sakala Nyumalin conducted a meet with the people of grand Gedeh,this meeting brought together The chiefs, elders,acting superintendent,youth and many others potent citizens.

During the meeting there was a very serious controversy between protesters and some alleged supporters of Grant, however the tension arises between them, because of one of those supporters of Hon Grant when to provide electrical assets,this alone brought serious misunderstanding, however the police intervened and cooled the tension .

The minister however calls the citizens in a peaceful tune to accept president boakai's appointment," my Dodie let please accept the president appointment,the people you entrusted the power of decision making,had accepted, let jointly agree so Grant can come and prove himself,if he's not competent the president will remove him and immediately put new ones,but for now he interested in Grant."

The minister further urged the young people to stop violence in advocacy.

Meanwhile,on behalf of the youth,Mr. Yousiouh Dehsuah who's the youth coordinator assures the minister of calming down the youth to accept the president, moreover the Traditional council promises the minister of accepting the view of the president.

The traditional people who once disagreed with the president,have openly accepted working if the president's appointment.

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