Mar 25, 2024 - 17:19
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 By: William K. Howard

Monrovia: With the oversight of a board in place, the National Oil Company of Liberia, NOCAL's officer in charge, Mr. Jacob Kabakole have spent six hundred thousand (600,000) United States dollars on several items, and actions deemed important to the company in just month of being in charge, following a pronouncement by former President George Weah that all appointed officials of his government that are not holding tenure positions should turn over various government institutions to the Human Resource who is the most senior civil servant.

One known aspect of an Officer in Charge per standard is to have a smooth transition from outgoing administration while they await the announcement of a permanent structure appointed by the President or authority, to continue the smooth running of the government or institution. Knewsonline investigations continue as the soundings will be examined in detail.

It is also a known fact that after spending this huge cash, US$600,000 the board is also willing to approve an extension of the OIC's tenure, though he has been appointed board chair of the Liberia Business Registry.

Meanwhile, the executive head of the institution has finally been cleared by the senate, and sooner than expected, the constitution of the administration at NOCAL will be fully in place.
The board chair Mr. Edward Appleton has not yet been contacted for his views, though mansion skeptics are a bit apprehensive about the board inability to checkmate these spending, which took place before and during their watch.

The Chief Executive Officer designate at the moment is also undergoing Senate confirmation hearings and is yet to be confirmed.
Jacob Kabakole who is the OIC is known to be a strong and close family member to President Joseph Boakai, one who is considered uncomfortable with appointment of family members.
The National Oil Company of Liberia was established in April of 2000 with the aim to transform the entity into a World Class, technological oil and gas company.  

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