Liberia Boosts Power Supply: Receives 25 Megawatts of Electricity from Ivory Coast

Apr 11, 2024 - 22:14
Apr 11, 2024 - 22:14
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Liberia Boosts Power Supply: Receives 25 Megawatts of Electricity from Ivory Coast

By: Benjamin Keibah

In a bid to address the ongoing electricity crisis, Liberia has secured an additional 25 megawatts of electricity from the Republic of Ivory Coast, doubling its current supply to 50 megawatts. President Boakai's recent trip to Ivory Coast saw discussions centered on ensuring uninterrupted electricity provision to Liberia and augmenting the quantity of supply, reflecting the government's commitment to resolving the country's energy challenges.

President Boakai's initiative comes in response to the pressing electricity shortages plaguing Liberia, prompting urgent diplomatic efforts to secure additional power resources. The successful negotiations with Ivory Coast mark a significant milestone in Liberia's quest for energy stability and economic development.

The influx of 25 megawatts of electricity from Ivory Coast signals a substantial enhancement in Liberia's power capacity, offering relief to households, businesses, and essential services grappling with frequent blackouts and power disruptions. The increased supply is expected to bolster socio-economic activities and foster growth across various sectors of the Liberian economy.

With electricity playing a pivotal role in driving industrialization, improving living standards, and attracting investments, the government's proactive measures to expand the power grid underscore its commitment to advancing national development objectives. As Liberia embarks on this transformative journey towards energy self-sufficiency, stakeholders anticipate tangible improvements in electricity accessibility and reliability, paving the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for all citizens.

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