Senator Zoe Pennue Attributes Residence Destruction to Political Rivalry, Calls for National Unity Amidst Turmoil

Dec 12, 2023 - 09:33
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Senator Zoe Pennue Attributes Residence Destruction to Political Rivalry, Calls for National Unity Amidst Turmoil

MONROVIA: Grand Gedeh County Senator Zoe Pennue has come forward with a bold claim, alleging that the recent destruction at his residence was a deliberate act orchestrated by defeated political rivals aiming to gain undue advantage.

Pennue, who has been at the forefront of development initiatives in the county, asserts that the violence directed towards him following the passing of Representative Erol Madison Gwion is rooted in jealousy and envy fueled by opposition groups.

He condemns these actions as a disgrace to Grand Gedeh and denounces the perpetrators as forces against progress and development.

Despite the turmoil, Pennue expresses gratitude to the Ministry of Justice for their efforts in maintaining national peace. He acknowledges the need for swift government intervention to reinstate peace and stability in Liberia, especially in the aftermath of the tragic death of Hon. Erol Madison Gwion.

In the face of adversity, Senator Pennue remains resolute, calling for unity among Liberians. He emphasizes the importance of collective efforts to overcome challenges, urging citizens to rise above political differences and work towards a harmonious and prosperous future for Grand Gedeh County and the nation as a whole.

The aftermath of the destruction at Pennue's residence serves as a stark reminder of the delicate political climate in Liberia. As the government faces the task of restoring order, Pennue's plea for unity echoes, transcending individual grievances to champion a vision of a stronger, more cohesive nation.

By: Benjamin Keibah, Intern Writer

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