MOCSAFoundation Concludes a Three-Day Checkup and Treatment Process for Liberian Returnees at LRRRC Site in Johnsonville

Jun 21, 2024 - 10:10
Jun 21, 2024 - 17:24
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MOCSAFoundation Concludes a Three-Day Checkup and Treatment Process for Liberian Returnees at LRRRC Site in Johnsonville

MONROVIA: A non-profit organization has concluded a three-day checkup and treatment process for Liberian returnees at the LRRRC site in Johnsonville. The Making of Our Children Safe Again Foundation (MOCSA) has treated over a hundred Liberian returnees at the LRRRC site in Johnsonville. 

It can be recalled that on May 23, 2024, the LRRRC brought in the first 720 Liberian returnees from Ghana with support from the government of Liberia, which has led to the help of NGOs and international organizations.

Speaking to our reporter at the end of the treatment, the Executive Directress of the MOCSA Foundation, Madam Yuconjay Noyu Barchue, stated that the treatment process, which started on June 18, 2024, and ended on June 20, 2024, was the organization's own way of supporting the government's efforts.

She added, “It was based on the health needs of the returnees that we saw it necessary to step in and help where the government cannot reach.” 

Madam Barchue further stated that the returnees received consultation, screening, lab tests, and treatment during the three-day period.

Meanwhile, the Executive Directress of the MOCSA Foundation, Madam Barchue, listed some challenges that her organization faced while providing the free treatment service to the returnees. She added that obtaining essential drugs and logistics are some of the key challenges MOCSA faces.

“One of our key challenges is logistics, then the limited essential drugs that will help us treat the diseases and viruses that are affecting the returnees,” she added.

She noted that illnesses that cannot be treated by the organization will be referred to various government hospitals for the Liberian returnees to get treated.

“Sicknesses and diseases that are affecting them and the ones we can’t handle will be referred to other government hospitals.”

She further called on the government of Liberia, international NGOs, and philanthropists to help their organization reach most of the Liberian returnees, including the underprivileged that are in need of basic medical support in various parts of the country.

 She also recommended to the LRRRC, through the Liberian government, the inclusion of mental health workers at the returnees' site in Johnsonville and other parts of the country.

 She asserted, “My recommendation to the government, international organizations, philanthropists, including CSOs, is to ensure we can also provide mental health treatment for these returnees.”

For her part, Fatu Parker, one of the Liberian returnees, lauded the MOCSA Foundation for the level of support in providing free health services to returnees at the site in Johnsonville.

 “I’ve been sick for the past week now, but since I took the treatment given to me by the MOCSA Foundation, I am feeling okay now, so I want to say thank you to them for the treatment.”

Miss Parker further complained about their previous health facility at the LRRRC site for not providing much medication, stating that they only received Paracetamol when sick.

 “At our place, they will always say they never come with their drugs yet. When you go there, they can give you Paracetamol.”

 Making Our Children Safe Again Foundation (MOCSA) is a non-profit organization established in 2019, dedicated to advocating for the development and well-being of vulnerable individuals in Liberian society. The MOCSA Foundation is currently seeking help from like-minded organizations to augment its efforts in helping the returnees.

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