Bixer Empire Unveils Two New Artists YoQb and Treaxure 

Apr 17, 2024 - 07:10
Apr 17, 2024 - 07:10
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Bixer Empire Unveils Two New Artists YoQb and Treaxure 

By: William McGill

Bixer Empire, a newly Liberian label established in late 2023, marked its entry into the industry with the signing of its first two artists, YoQb and Treaxure is poised to make a significant impact within the Liberian music industry.

Under the ownership of Liberian entrepreneur Abel Naklen, Bixer Empire and Bixer Recording have quickly garnered attention within the industry, recently adding two Liberian artists to their roster: YoQb, based in the USA, and Treaxure, based in Liberia.

In a recent interview, CEO Abel expressed his vision of seeing Liberian artists thrive financially from their music and is dedicated to ensuring the success of both artists signed to the label. 

Both YoQb and Treaxure have already released singles to kickstart the year, with Treaxure dropping "Maintain" and YoQb releasing "Party."

CEO Abel also revealed plans for the label to collaborate with artists from both America and Liberia to enhance the visual aspects of the industry, extending gratitude to JZyNo for the exposure provided to the Liberian music scene.

"Let me say thanks to JZyNo for the work he’s putting in to get our industry out there," CEO Abel remarked, highlighting the collaborative efforts driving Bixer Empire's ascent in the Liberian music industry.

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