Orange Second Division Season Concludes with Black Man Warriors Clinching Title

Apr 17, 2024 - 07:12
Apr 17, 2024 - 07:16
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Orange Second Division Season Concludes with Black Man Warriors Clinching Title

By: Benjamin Keibah

The Orange Second Division football season reached a thrilling conclusion, culminating in Black Man Warriors seizing the coveted championship title after an intense campaign.

Black Man Warriors showcased their dominance throughout the season, amassing an impressive 66 points from 30 matches. Their exceptional performance on the field was highlighted by a remarkable goal tally of 62, while conceding only 24 goals, resulting in an outstanding goal difference of 38.

Hot on their heels were Shaita Football Club, who finished closely behind with 64 points from 30 league games. Shaita FC's attacking prowess was evident, scoring 68 goals and conceding 27, boasting an impressive goal difference of 41.

In a standout match, Jonathan Freeman led Discoveries Football Club to a decisive 3-1 victory over Junior Professional at the Tusa Field Sports Pitch in Gardnesville, showcasing the competitive spirit and skill displayed throughout the season.

Discoveries FC and Sinoe NPA engaged in a fierce battle for the top spot, with Discoveries ultimately securing their position with 59 points. Their offensive strength was evident, netting an impressive 80 goals, although conceding 37 goals highlighted areas for improvement.

Despite the intense competition, Philadelphia Lonestar Football Club - Liberia, managed to avoid relegation on the final day, securing their place in the league for the upcoming season.

As the season concludes, attention shifts to the upcoming Orange First Division, with Legacy Boys already securing their spot, promising another season filled with excitement and fierce competition in Liberian football.

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