Finda Bundoo and Patrick Sudue trapped in Assets Recovery

Mar 28, 2024 - 07:19
Mar 28, 2024 - 07:20
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Finda Bundoo and Patrick Sudue trapped in Assets Recovery
Two prominent former government officials found themselves ensnared in the relentless operations of the Assets Recovery Task Force during its second day of operation in Monrovia.
The Chief of Protocol to former President George Weah and the former Inspector General of the Liberia National Police, Patrick Sudue, were among those whose vehicles were impounded by the Assets Recovery Task Force. 
Alongside them, approximately ten vehicles belonging to Finda Bundo Gracious, were also seized, parked, and locked away, pending the presentation of legitimate documentation by the respective owners.
Among these impounded vehicles are yellow ones labeled ‘gracious ride reportedly owned by Madam Finda Bundoo.
The vehicles remained under tight security at the General Service Agency (GSA) head office, where they would remain until all necessary documentation was provided. 
Sudue's Nissan Jeep, in particular, was seized while he was en route to an undisclosed destination, prompting him to arrange for alternative transportation to continue his journey.
Emmanuel Gonquoi, a key member of the Assets Recovery Task Force, engaged with several journalists during the operation, shedding light on the importance of presenting original documents before any vehicle could be released. 
 Gonquoi emphasized that the task force will not engaged in a witch-hunt against former government officials but was focused on reclaiming assets acquired without proper documentation.
"We are not targeting any specific individuals but rather pursuing those who have acquired government property or vehicles without legitimate documentation," Gonquoi asserted. He further explained that during previous administrations, there were instances of government officials allegedly misappropriating funds to purchase materials and vehicles. As such, the task force was committed to recovering these assets and returning them to the government's possession through legal means.
The second day of the Assets Recovery Task Force's operations was overseen by Emmanuel Gonquoi and Robert Wilson, both integral members of the GSA assets recovery team. Gonquoi highlighted the case of the former Police IG's vehicle, noting that while a document was presented, its authenticity raised doubts and warranted further investigation.
The work of the Assets Recovery Task Force underscores the government's commitment to accountability and transparency, as it endeavors to reclaim misappropriated assets and restore public trust in governance.

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