For abruptly terminating 10 workers, House Summons NPA Seeking Clarity

Mar 16, 2024 - 12:49
Mar 16, 2024 - 12:55
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For abruptly terminating 10 workers, House Summons NPA Seeking Clarity

By: William Howard 

Capitol Hill: For abruptly putting down ten staff at the National Port Authority, the House of Representatives has summoned the Management and Board of the NPA.

The House decision comes as a result of Communication from Montserrado County Electoral District #17 Representative Bernard Blue Benson Jr, in which he called the attention of plenary to what he termed as the NPA abrupt termination of 10 staffs from its employ due to what was termed as financial improprieties and administrative reason in consultation with the Chairman of the Board.

Bernard Benson said according to the termination noticed served to the 10 employees, they were terminated based on provision of the NPA handbook citing article 5, section ii, that states " Offenses which shall warrant immediate dismissal" Count 2, "Gross Negligence of duty resulting in loss of life, financial loss or property".

The communication is quotes "Hon. Speaker, after a conference with the terminated employees, I was informed that there was absolutely no investigation to their knowledge leaving me to wonder if there was any due process afforded to the matter.

I am hereby requesting this august body to invite the Managing Director of the National Port Authority Mr. Sekou A. M. Dukuly, Mr. James Richard Bernard-Deputy for Administration and the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Luther Tarpeh to detail the cause of termination unambiguously, and with the magnitude charges and also, ascertain that those terminated as afforded due process according to Article 20a of the Liberian Constitution."

He stated that With the establishment of the actual facts, as deputies of the people, they can give a clearer explanation to the people of Liberia who are eager to know the truth of the mass termination of employment at the National Port Authority.

Meanwhile, the plenary voted to have the NPA management and board chair appear Monday at 12:00 noon in leadership meeting.

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