Global Village Connection-Liberia Foundation Engages In Agricultural Activities in Margibi

Apr 4, 2024 - 19:28
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Global Village Connection-Liberia Foundation Engages In Agricultural Activities in Margibi

By: Moses M. Tokpah 

Margibi County: Following the official launch of the Global Village Connection-Liberia Foundation (GVC/LF) in Margibi County, the institution is now engaged into agricultural activities in the county.

The organization is cultivating approximately 50 acres of land in seven different locations in Districts four and five respectively in order to grow different crops and vegetables such as cassava, pine apples, eddoes, bitter balls, peppers, plantains, cucumbers, corns and rice.

Amidst the financial difficulties faced by GVC/LF, officials and members of the entity including old folks, have taken the courage to competitively do the clearing of the land. Officials and members of the organization contribute one cup of rice and L$100 each to provide food and soup kind for the workers.

Speaking to this paper at one of their clearing sites in district #4 recently, the GVC/LF National Financial Manager and Head of Entrepreneurs, Andrew B. Thomas said the GVC/LF is an international organization that has one of its branches established in Liberia.

He said while they await funding from their int’l partner, members and officials of the group have decided to take the lead in getting something done on the ground.

The group, he noted is involved with so many activities including women and youth empowerment, climate change program, and Agriculture (food production for the population) among others.

He stated: “For Liberia, we just launched some times in February, but currently we are awaiting our partner to start promoting us; but notwithstanding, we want to start doing something before our partner can come in, this is why our people are currently in the field working.”

According to him, they are faced with so many problems such as feeding and the lack of necessary farming materials. He called on well-meaning Liberians, Foreign Organizations, the Government of Liberia, philanthropists and all development partners to support their activities.

It can be recalled that during the officials launch of the organization recently, its president, Sylvester Lepolu said the group was established with a clear vision and mission of serving humanity unconditionally and bringing about global transformation for a better world. He revealed that the organization serves as a vehicle of hope for the weak and voice of the voiceless. 

Mr. Lepolu narrated that GVC’s mission entails so many things including achieving zero hunger in Liberia by 2028. This he noted will be done through community farming, supporting small farmers and creating market connectivity to ensure a balanced global food supply.

“The group also seeks clean and green earth mission by 2035 thru trees planting and land regeneration, implementation of safe and smart waste management, protection of the natural eco- system and creating green and clear energy initiatives” he added.

He mentioned that GVC/LF also wants to ensure clean drinking water by 2030 by creating access to clean drinking water and implementing rain water harvesting system.

Mr. Lepolu also spoke about the right to livelihood by 2030 through skill development across all sectors, sustainable employment creation and access to sustainable finance. He named peaceful and safe world by 2035 which will be addressing crimes and promoting safety, providing peaceful education initiatives, relocating displaced people affected by wars and natural calamity.

The GVC/LF’s head indicates that the organization anticipates education, knowledge and information for all by 2030 by ensuring universal access to basic education, exploring alternative basic education and creating platforms for wider knowledge and information dissemination. He narrated that for the mission to be successful, GVC/LF has a special target of uniting 50 million people by June 2024, 100 million by December 2024 and 500 million people by December 2025 around the world.

Those being targeted through this campaign according to him, include farmers, artists, educators, doctors and lawyers. Others are nutritionists, counselors, musicians and wellness professionals. He concluded that this is the time for GVC-Liberia Foundation to open the eyes of fellow Liberians to this global cause.

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