Controversy Surrounds Alleged Break-in at Former Chief Justice's Residence"

May 8, 2024 - 08:31
May 8, 2024 - 08:31
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Controversy Surrounds Alleged Break-in at Former Chief Justice's Residence"

Two AllegedSuspects,  Blessing Cooper, alias “August Jesus,”and Suspect Abraham Jerbo have provided statements to investigators about gaining access to former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott’s Virginia residence, revealing that gates were locked and dogs were on a flat top.

Suspect Abraham Jerbo claims to have found two keys near a shop gate with the inscription “AB” and used them to enter Justice Scott’s compound. He claims Blessing Cooper lured him to feed starving dogs and used a ladder to enter. Jerbo also saw two other men who claimed to be sent by Scott’s relatives for construction work.

Police have charged Blessing and Jerbo with theft of tiles, vegetable oil, steel rods, ceiling tiles, and a television from Justice Scott’s home. The suspects were not charged with the theft or damage, and the circumstances surrounding their access to the property remain unclear. The charges include Criminal Mischief, Burglary.

The Justice Scott family is shocked by police charges against intruders arrested at their residence without any contact or reference to the family. The suspects were charged with burglary and charged with $4000 for stolen items or damage to the property.

The charge sheet for a property theft case lacks contact with the owner or complainant, raising concerns about a deliberate attempt to complicate the case and let suspects go free. The family believes this is a deliberate plan to lose the case, as a thorough investigation with the family could uncover more information about the suspects, their identity, actions, stolen property, and damage.

On “Let’s Talk Liberia” on a Local radio station, Mr. Toe questions how investigators arrived at the $4000 charge sheet without talking to the property owner or family members, and how police and state lawyers will prosecute suspects without property owner information.

The trial focused on the suspects’ use of keys to open the property, a reminder of the late Charloe’s attacker. The question of intrusion into the former Chief Justice’s residence was a major factor, but defense lawyers argued for multiple intrusion possibilities and a murder committed by an intruder.



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