Integrity Watch Exposes Legislative Controversy

Jan 9, 2024 - 10:51
Jan 9, 2024 - 10:54
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Integrity Watch Exposes Legislative Controversy

Monrovia- Integrity Watch Liberia has expressed concern over actions by some members of the 54th Legislature who appear to have allowed themselves to be influenced to override a veto by the outgoing President, George Weah, on the investment incentives agreement between the Liberian and FOUNI Brothers Corporation.

"Our investigation has revealed alarming reasons behind the presidential veto, including significant inconsistencies in the agreement's language, structure, and objective," disclosed Harold Aidoo, the Executive Director of Integrity Watch.

Addressing a press conference in Monrovia, Mr. Aidoo observed, "The current state of the Investment Incentive Agreement favors Founi Brothers Corporation, jeopardizing local industries, competitiveness, and fostering a monopoly detrimental to Liberians."

"The lawmakers' motive to override a veto that seeks duty-free privileges for three years to import crude palm oil is questionable," emphasized Aidoo, adding, "There is a pressing need for incentives that benefit Liberians rather than private individuals."

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