Liberia 1-1 Sierra Leone: LoneStar Under-20 Begin Zonal Tournament with a Draw

Feb 21, 2024 - 06:32
Feb 21, 2024 - 06:33
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Liberia 1-1 Sierra Leone: LoneStar Under-20 Begin Zonal Tournament with a Draw

The LoneStar Under-20 men's team showcased their resilience in a hard-fought 0-0 draw during Day-1 of the four-round matches.

Sierra Leone Under-20 entered the game with determination, aiming to avoid the fate of their Under-17 counterparts who were defeated by Liberia Under-17 a few weeks ago.

While the Lone Star Under-20 team displayed excellent skills, there is room for improvement in the execution of vertical passes and their performance in the final third of the pitch.

The evening game kicked off positively for both teams, with an intense battle unfolding throughout the match. Despite their best efforts, neither team could establish full control.

Despite the 0-0 result, the Lone Star Under-20 team remains optimistic and determined to make progress.
They eagerly anticipate showcasing their growth and development in Round Two of the four-round matches on Tuesday.

The coaching staff will analyze Sierra Leone's high press during buildup and strategize ways to enhance the LoneStar Under-20's ability to progress into the middle of the park. Emphasis will be on refining the execution and precision of long ball passes to become a valuable asset in their gameplay.

With dedication, correction, and a focus on improvement, the LoneStar Under-20 team is poised to evolve and demonstrate their potential in the upcoming matches.

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