Liberia Football Association to Organize Training Workshop for Sports Journalists

Mar 4, 2024 - 09:35
Mar 4, 2024 - 09:39
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Liberia Football Association to Organize Training Workshop for Sports Journalists

Monrovia, Liberia – In a significant move to enhance sports journalism in Liberia, the Liberia Football Association (LFA), under the leadership of President Mustapha Raji, has announced plans to organize a comprehensive training workshop for sports journalists across the country.
The announcement was made during an interview on the KOOL Morning Ride program on KOOL 91.9FM on Friday, March 1, 2024.

According to the LFA President, Mustapha I. Raji, the initiative by the LFA, aims to equip sports journalists with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively cover the activities of the Liberia Football Association. 

The LFA Boss added that the training will delve into various aspects of the LFA, including its competitions, regulations, and ethical standards. This knowledge will enable journalists to provide accurate and insightful coverage of LFA activities, further spreading the Association’s message across Liberia.

"By Organizing Workshops for our sports journalists, we're not just enhancing their skills; we're elevating the entire narrative of football in Liberia." - Mustapha Raji, President of the Liberia Football Association.

President Mustapha Raji emphasized the importance of this training, noting that sports journalists must have a deep understanding of the LFA's operations to foster a more informed sports journalism landscape in Liberia.

He also emphasized that the training workshop is part of the LFA’s broader efforts to promote football in the country and to ensure that the sports journalists are well-informed and engaged with the Association’s activities.

"The training will focus on the Liberia Football Association Competitions, regulations, and ethics that will enable Sports Journalists to be able to provide proper coverage in spreading the messages of the LFA activities across Liberia." Said the LFA President Mustapha Raji.

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Edwin T. Battaforyen Edwin T. Battaforyen is a Professional Young Liberian Journalist with over two years of working experience in the mainstream as a Broadcast and Sports Journalist. Young Battaforyen holds an advanced Diploma in Journalism from the Professional Journalism School of Liberia and Currently studies Mass Communication and Social Work at the State-run University of Liberia. In 2023 Edwin T. Battaforyen was named as the Best Sports Reporter of the Year an award given by the Sports Writer Association of Liberia (Margibi County Chapter). Battaforyen has traveled to Ivory Coast, Senegal, and Ghana as a Sports Reporter assigned to provide coverage for the Liberia National Handball Team. Edwin T. Battaforyen is a full member of the Sports Writer Association of Liberia and Currently Works at KOOL 91.9 FM/TV/knewsonline.