The Rise of Heaven Eleven Football Club, Uprising Face of Liberian Football

Nov 10, 2023 - 10:08
Nov 10, 2023 - 10:09
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The Rise of Heaven Eleven Football Club, Uprising Face of Liberian Football

Once upon a time in the vibrant country of Liberia, there was a small town in Nimba County called Yekepa, Nestled amidst rolling hills and lush green landscapes, Yekepa was a close-knit community where football was more than just a sport; it was a way of life. And at the heart of this town, there stood a football club that captured the dreams and aspirations of its people and was Heaven Eleven Football 

                                   By: Edwin T. Battaforyen

Heaven Eleven was not just a typical football club. It was a team that represented the hopes and resilience of the town’s residents. The players, mostly young boys from humble backgrounds, came together to form this extraordinary team. They shared a common love for the game and a burning desire to make their mark on the footballing world.

Led by a group of young people, Heaven Eleven trained tirelessly on a small patch of land near the town’s center. They had no fancy facilities or extravagant equipment, but their spirit and determination were unmatched. They practiced day in and day out, honing their skills and developing a unique style of play that would set them apart.

The team was a true reflection of the diversity and unity found in Heaven, the place of every human dream after death. Players from different tribes and backgrounds came together, leaving behind any differences to pursue a common goal. They believed that football had the power to unite people and bring about positive change, not just on the field but within their community as well.

Heaven Eleven’s matches were the highlight of the town’s week. The entire community would gather at the local football ground, cheering and supporting their beloved team. The atmosphere was electric, with the sounds of drums, songs, and laughter filling the air. It was a celebration of football, friendship, and the indomitable spirit of Heaven where the Messengers of the Lord sing and dance.


As time went on, Heaven Eleven Football Club moved to Liberia's most populated city and biggest region and began to gain recognition beyond the City of Paynesville.
They participated in the second edition of the Paynesville City Cup, where they faced teams from neighboring towns and cities.
Despite being considered a newcomer, Heaven Eleven consistently defied expectations, putting up a strong fight against more established teams.

Their hard work and dedication finally paid off when they won their first regional championship as a Paynesville-based Club.
It was a moment of pure joy and triumph for the players, their families, and the entire Kingdom of Heaven. The victory brought a sense of pride and hope, inspiring other young footballers in Liberia to believe in their dreams.

Word of Heaven Eleven’s success spread throughout the country, catching the attention of football enthusiasts and sponsors alike. With newfound support, the team was able to improve training and provide better resources for their players.

They also started community outreach programs, using football as a platform to promote education, health, and unity as it's in Heaven.

Their visitation to a local community team in the VOA Community in October ahead of their first Paynesville City derby the Messengers saw it necessary and donated football materials to the local team as a means of their community outreach.

Heaven Eleven’s journey continued, and they soon became a force to be reckoned with in Liberian football. They won multiple championships, like the Nimba County Third Division Championship, and the Orange Second Division both regionally and nationally, and their style of play became renowned for its creativity and flair.
The team’s success brought joy and pride to the people of Heaven, who saw their dreams come alive through the players’ achievements.

But amidst all the glory and fame, Heaven Eleven never forgot their roots. They remained grounded and continued to give back to their community.

Heaven Eleven’s story became an inspiration not only in Liberia but across Africa and the world sr large. Their journey showcased the power of unity, determination, and love for the game. They proved that with passion and hard work, even the smallest of towns can produce greatness.

And so, the tale of Heaven Eleven and their remarkable journey continues to be told, inspiring generations to come. Their legacy lives on as a reminder that dreams can be achieved and that sometimes, the most extraordinary stories are born from the simplest beginnings.

Their quest for success in this new league season has started with an unforgettable journey filled with a lot of memories along the road.
The Messengers are currently sited third on the league table, three points behind league leader LISCR FC, and are into the second round of the Orange Cup following an easy 4-2 Victor over LPRC Oilers.

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