Ansu Toure Advises Rising MLS Star Bryant Farkarlun Against Liberia National Team Call-Up

Dec 25, 2023 - 07:26
Dec 25, 2023 - 07:27
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Ansu Toure Advises Rising MLS Star Bryant Farkarlun Against Liberia National Team Call-Up

In a recent statement, former Lone Star forward Ansu Toure voiced his concern over newly drafted MLS Liberian footballer, Bryant Farkarlun (21), potentially accepting a call to play for the Liberian national team.

Toure, who once wore the Lone Star jersey himself, emphasized the importance of Farkarlun's talent and hinted at the prospect of representing the United States in the 2026 World Cup.

Toure strongly believe that Farkarlun's exceptional talent could lead him to don the American jersey on the global stage than representing Liberia who he believes is a failing football Nation in West Africa.
He questioned why other talented individuals, including the children of some football Legends, like President George Weah Son Timothy Weah representing the United States of America instead of representing his Father Country Liberia, suggesting a potential impact on their football careers.

Highlighting Farkarlun's willingness to play football at the highest level, Toure expressed a desire to see the young Liberian player-maker competing for top clubs like Liverpool, Chelsea  and other clubs in the top football leagues in Europe.
He argued that players who chose not to play for Liberia's National team often found more significant success in their football careers than the one who chose to represent Liberia.

Toure urged Farkarlun to carefully consider the implications of joining the Liberian national team, citing concerns that such a move might hinder the player's promising football career.

As Farkarlun begins his journey in the MLS, the decision on international representation rises up tall on his shoulder in the coming weeks.

Young Bryant Farkarlun was recently selected by Austin FC.  
Bryant left Liberia in 2020 to kickstart college soccer through the help of the Ken Sports Management which is owned by former Liberian professional player, Arnold Kennedy.

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