Pres. Weah Issues Executive Measures to  Protect State Resources from Looting Amid Transition

Dec 26, 2023 - 18:14
Dec 26, 2023 - 18:15
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Pres. Weah Issues Executive Measures to  Protect State Resources from Looting Amid Transition
President George Weah

MONROVIA: President George Weah has issued an executive measure to safeguard the country's resources from being misused and looted during the transition period. 

In the directive, Pres. Weah mandates all government entities including Ministries, Agencies, Commissions, and state-owned Enterprises  to ensure amongst other things that "all expenditures, save for salaries and allowances, for daily operations of all government ministries and other government entities, in the amount of Ten Thousand United States Dollars and above, must be approved by the office of the President."

The directive also suspends all borrowing, accumulation of new debts, and repayment of domestic debts; except international borrowings with legislative implications and timelines. It also suspends all new employment and service contracts across government institutions during this transitional period.

Other activities suspended include all new investment incentives and granting of concessions, all sales and leases of public land, buildings, and infrastructure, and all official travels, except approved by the President's office.  

It also places a moratorium on the sale and illegal conceding of all public vehicles and other government assets and utilities. The Director General of the General Service Agency is also mandated to continue the tracking and securing of all government assets. 

The move by Liberia is coming weeks after several reports surfaced linking government officials to secretly absconding with state resources and assets for personal benefit after the National Elections Commission (NEC) announced the runoff elections that favor President-elect, Joseph Boakia and Vice President-elect Jeremiah Koung. 

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