Liberia’s Strategic Alliance: HPX Partnership Paves the Path to Progress”

Feb 9, 2024 - 16:41
Feb 9, 2024 - 16:44
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Liberia’s Strategic Alliance: HPX Partnership Paves the Path to Progress”

The Liberian government convened a Strategic Framework Meeting today, February 9, 2024, at the Executive Mansion,  with HPX, a privately-owned mineral exploration and development company headquartered in the U.S. with an operational base in Vancouver, Canada.

The meeting, attended by various government officials and the CEO of High Power Exploration Company, Robert Friedland, focused primarily on HPX's stance on the multi-use framework for Liberia's railroads, facilitating transactions between Guinea and Liberia. Both HPX and the Liberian government are actively engaged in exploring the opportunities arising from such agreements.

During the diplomatic exchange, newly appointed Finance Minister Boima Kamara highlighted that the agreement would pave the way for advancements in electricity and infrastructure.

Finance Minister Hon. Boima Kamara at the Strategic Partnership Framework Agreement meeting.

Mr. Kamara, upon presenting the Strategic Partnership Framework Agreement, expressed his optimism that this collaboration could mark a new chapter for Liberia.

President Joseph Boakai, addressing the Strategic Partnership Framework Agreement, emphasized his administration's commitment to combatting corruption and underscored Liberia's dedication to accountability, transparency, and honesty in its dealings with international partners. The President extended gratitude to the attending ministers, affirming his administration's readiness to engage with the global business community.

The High Power Exploration Company (HPX) is a mineral exploration company founded by mining entrepreneur Robert Friedland. HPX utilizes advanced technology and geological expertise to identify and develop mineral deposits worldwide. They focus on discovering large-scale copper and gold deposits, among other valuable resources.

HPX is known for its innovative exploration techniques, including the use of proprietary geophysical methods and cutting-edge data analytics. They have projects in various countries, and their approach emphasizes sustainability and responsible mining practices.

HPX operates in multiple countries around the world, including but not limited to Canada, the United States, Australia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Mongolia. Their projects span across continents, reflecting their global approach to mineral exploration and development.

HPX was founded in 2011 by mining entrepreneur Robert Friedland. Since its inception, the company has been actively involved in mineral exploration and development projects worldwide.

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