George M. Weah Condemns Alleged Police Brutality under Boakai’s 42 days in Power: Calls for International Intervention to Uphold Liberians' Constitutional Rights."

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George M. Weah Condemns Alleged Police Brutality under Boakai’s 42 days in Power: Calls for International Intervention to Uphold Liberians' Constitutional Rights."

During the 2023 general elections campaign period, President Joseph Nuymah Boakai made several promises to the Liberian people, including a comprehensive 100-day deliverable plan.

The countdown for the 100 days began upon his inauguration on January 22, 2024. Currently, 42 days into his presidency, the 79-year-old former Vice President faces a series of challenges amid rising tensions.

Within this short period, Liberia has witnessed a surge in civil unrest, with citizens taking to the streets to voice their grievances. Protest actions, such as the AFL widow's protest and the Kinjor Brutal protest, have captured headlines, resulting in tragic outcomes. Notably, two citizens lost their lives during the Kinjor protest, sparking national concern.

Groups like the Students Unification Party (SUP) and the Progressive Student's Alliance of the University of Liberia (PROSA) have joined the chorus of dissent, highlighting pressing issues that demand urgent government attention.

Few Photos from Kinjor Brutual Protest in Grand Cape Mount County

The recent eruption of violence in Kinjor, Grand Cape Mount County, where two individuals were killed and many injured, has drawn the attention of former Liberian President George M. Weah. The unrest left a trail of destruction, with several buildings damaged, including a local police station.

During the turmoil, protesters barricaded roads, and businesses shuttered in fear. Law enforcement responded with arrests, apprehending at least 18 individuals suspected of instigating violence.

As Liberia grapples with these challenges early in President Boakai's tenure, the government faces mounting pressure to address the root causes of discontent and restore stability across the nation. The coming days will test the administration's ability to fulfill its promises and navigate the complex socio-political landscape of post-election Liberia. Stay tuned for further developments as the nation progresses through this pivotal period in its history.

Former President George M. Weah responded to the current situation during his regular Sunday worship service at Forkay Klon Church. During his sermon, he addressed the recent incidents of police shooting peaceful citizens, emphasizing that such actions were not intended by President Boakai and the Unity Party.

Weah, a former soccer player turned also former president, highlighted his efforts during his tenure to train the Liberian National Police to maintain peace and friendliness with the citizens even during protests. He recalled instances where protesters were provided with food and water under his administration, contrasting it with the current situation under President Boakai.

Weah expressed his disapproval of the alleged police brutality under Boakai's 64-day presidency, stressing that it goes against the principles of a peaceful society. He pledged to address these issues as a peaceful citizen and vowed not to allow the shooting of innocent protestors exercising their constitutional rights. "We will not allow police to shoot peaceful citizens who have decided to exercise their rights under the law," he affirmed to the congregation.

Furthermore, Weah urged the international community to intervene and pressure the Unity Party government to uphold Liberians' constitutional right to protest peacefully. He stood firm on advocating for the people's rights and ensuring that their voices are heard.

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