Justice for Deddeh: Campaigners against Mob Justice seeks justice for Deddeh Simmons following Public Abuse in Red-light

Dec 21, 2023 - 13:15
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Justice for Deddeh: Campaigners against Mob Justice seeks justice for Deddeh Simmons following Public Abuse in Red-light

Paynesville: The Campaigners against Mob Justice is seeking justice for Madam Deddeh Simmons who was dehumanized by a group of unscrupulous men in a disturbing video circulating social media.

The day-long peaceful march was marked by massive awareness through the commercial hub of Paynesville (Red-light), informing market men and women about the importance of seeking the law instead of mob violence and concluded with a major press conference. 

During their march, the group who were mixed with civil rights activists and Bong county district #6 representative Moima Briggs Mensah who is also on record for her stance against violation against women and girls in the country were all dressed in a dominant black, marching to white in solidarity to the many deaths that has occurred due to mob violence and the recent beating of Miss Deddeh Simmons in red-light.

It can be recalled about two weeks ago, Deddeh Simmons had gone to the market to buy food when she was pictured by some group of individuals believed to be motorcyclists as Princess who is a notorious motorcycle criminal.

Deddeh during her time of misfortune and humiliation was script nicked and brutalized while many including women stood by videotaping the scene.

According to them during a press conference in red-light, since the end Liberia’s civil war, mob violence has become a frequent occurrence for an alleged criminal to be lynched, by an angry mob, including bystanders who simply have no inkling about the issue in the controversy or the person involved.

“All that is required to instigate mob violence is to simply shout rogue! rogue!!, in a crowded area, and to point at somebody” they stated.

According to CAMJ, before the victim realizes what is happening, a mammoth crowd has already descended on him or her and the consequence is instant death, severe aggravated bodily injury, etc.

Campaigners against mob justice revealed that the last few months have been horrible scenes of mob violence beyond human imagination.

CAMJ is demanding the Minister of Justice and the Inspector General of the Liberia National Police to arrest and investigate those perpetrators as seen in the video and bring them to justice.

They wants the Court, through the Solicitor General press for a speedy trial to bring to book those responsible for such a horrible act.

“We as women rights group calls, on the Government of Liberia to implement stringent measures to root out such Mob Violence from the society ensuring that previous lives lost to mob violence will not go in vain by putting in place harsh laws and penalties for perpetrators of mob violence. We will not continue to sit and watch women and men get injure due to mob violence instead of going to the law!”


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