Shaita Angels FC show sign of readiness ahead of the new league season

CAREYSBURG, Montserrado – Ahead of the new league season, Careysburg City female giant Shaita Angel’s football club, headed by its first female vice president Miss Benita Urey has begun early preparation.

The Angels will kick off the 2022-23 Season on Sunday, September 25, against ‘Professional Sisters’ at the famous open-air Antoinette Tubman Stadium in Monrovia.

With the inclusion of several new players, Shaita Angels are set and ready to return to the upper league which remains the top tier female league, with the lower league ranking as the second best female league in the Country.

In an interview with KOOL 91.9 Talking Sports, the vice president of Shaita Angels Football Club, Miss Benita Urey said her players and technical staff are ready for the new league season with a high spirit of winning the lower league.

“We are praying for the best but I can say this to you our midfield is locked; our defense is more than locked and our midfield is great.

We will move some top players to the midfield to help with possession and trust me Shaita Angels will compete for everything this season.”

According to Miss Urey mentioned that preparation before the promotion is the best thing for a football team.

She added that her club has been training for over one month plus ahead of the new league season.

“We are more than ready for the new league season and I can give you the assurance that Shaita Angels the pride of Careysburg City will return to the upper league as champions”.

Following their debut season in the Women’s upper league, Shaita Angels got relegated to the Women’s lower league at the end of a three-team relegation play-off at the ATS.

The Angels are no longer strangers in the Women’s lower league and are one of the favorites to win the championship.

But the question is, can Shaita Angels compete with Determine Girls, Ambassador FC, and World Girls in the Petro Trade Cup? Let’s wait and see, but as the saying goes, “Nothing is impossible in football.”

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