World Junakanoo Festival Foundation To Boost Tourism In Liberia 

Mar 21, 2024 - 08:31
Mar 22, 2024 - 06:41
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World Junakanoo Festival Foundation To Boost Tourism In Liberia 

Monrovia-As part of efforts to boost tourism and culture, Liberia has officially launched the first international Junkanoo Festival Foundation  in collaboration with the Ministry of Information Cultural  Affairs and Tourism.Junkanoo Festival Foundation is an international platform established in Toronto, Canada  aimed at promoting tourism and  culture, at a worldwide festival hosted from the 21st to the 26th of May , every year

Its cultural celebration includes, dance, music, spirituality, and a celebration of freedom. In its purest form, it was how the slaves expressed jubilation from the lives of captivity. “It is a unique embodiment of Bahamian slave spiritualityThe opening of the Liberia Chapter,  presents a unique opportunity to revel in the rich cultural tapestry of African nations and diaspora, serving as a platform to bolster tourism, strengthen economic bonds, and forge indelible memories. Those partaking in the extravaganza ceremony, will have  the opportunity to promote and amplify awareness of the grand celebration of cultural heritages in Liberia.

Giving the overview of the program, Samuel Borbor the Secertary General of the Junkanoo Festival Liberia Chapter stated that the event is rooted in the African Cultural and traditional heritage since the 1700s, which embodies historical significance and social economic advantages.

“This international event celebrates the rich culture of African countries and the African Diaspora, fostering tourism, economic ties, and creating memorable experiences.”.he added 

The the World Junkanoo Festival Foundation celebration according to Borbor will be hosted in Toronto, Canada from May 21 – 26, 2024, stating, " the festival is renowned for its vibrant display of colors and sounds,and features participants from countries all around the World including Guinea, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, and Gambia, among others.

Launching the program,  the Director for Culture Affairs at the Ministry of Information, Cultural and Truism Darious Gweh said it is the first time for Liberia to participate in the Junkanoo Festival.

Gweh said the event is gear towards sharing experiences and showcasing the unique and diverse cultural heritages of each of the African Countries, noting that Liberia will be displaying its rich and diverse heritages to the rest of the world.He further stated that Junkanoo has come so that we can create an awareness of how all of has those unique talents within us.

“I want all of us to embrace this big opportunity that has come our way, in that we all will help to put the country on the map to the outside world through trade and cultural investment and tourism.” Gweh added.

Making remarks,  the Liberia Traditional Council of Elders and Chiefs applauded the organizers and assured the council's commitment in helping to boost the culture of Liberia. 

This program comes at a time when the Boakai-Koung administration has promised to boost the Tourism industry by making it an Autonomous Agency thus creating avenues for the sector to generate and contribute to the development of Liberia.

By: Rachel Saykiamien-Judiciary Reporter

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