Eugene Fahngon calls for urgent attention to rescue state Radio and TV

Mar 12, 2024 - 10:06
Mar 12, 2024 - 10:07
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Eugene Fahngon calls for urgent attention to rescue state Radio and TV

The former Deputy Information Minister for Public Affairs under the Weah Taylor administration and now Director General Designate of the Liberia Broadcasting System Eugene Fahngon has underlined several challenges confronting the entity.

Speaking before members of the senate committee on Information, Broadcasting, Culture Affairs and Tourism chair by Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon during his confirmation hearing, the LBS Director General Designate disclosed that the Institution is understaffed, something he believes is impeding the smooth operations of the government run media Institution across the country.

Fahngon who is feverously known as fast and furious, noted that LBS lacks functional equipment across the country to adequately function for public good, an act he Fahngon pointed out is leading to the lack of sensitive information to the ordinary citizens, noting that is a foundational right.

The tough talking Fahngon has at the same time vowed to improve and increase the workforce of the Liberia Broadcasting System if confirmed by members of the Liberian senate in the days.

Addressing Senators on Monday, March 11, 2024, in the chamber of the Liberian senate, Fahngon stressed the need for urgent attention in addressing the many challenges.

According to him, the ELBC has been working with two hundred and sixty (260) staffers and now has one hundred and forty-six individuals, something that triggered his many calls for the increase in men power.

Deliberating further, the LBS Director General Designate has announced plans to retrieve properties belonging to the institution in other parts of the country so as to provide land space for further developmental purposes.

“Who will we effectively and efficiently run the system that is under staff?, Fahngon asked?

At the same time, the dismissed former Deputy Information Minister for Public Affairs has welcomed the views of all Liberians irrespective of their political, and religious affiliations at the Liberia Broadcasting System using article 15 of the Liberian constitution reliance which calls for all Liberians to be given access to the National broadcaster.

Meanwhile, speaking at the end of the hearing, Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, who chairs the senate committee, vowed to collaboratively work with the relevant government institutions including the Director General Designate if confirmed to revamp the state Broadcaster the ELBC to change the narrative.

The statement of the chair on the Foreign Affairs committee is coming at the time many Liberians believe that ELBC has deviated from the real essence of its establishment for the last six years ranging from poor content, political influence, and partisanship.

" When the budget comes, we can assure our people that we will work with the budget to start this thing going; we the committee will bring you here many times not to show power but to help to change the narrative" Senator Dillon said.

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