Lionesses Break Barriers: Don Special British Sign Language Tops for Wembley Showdown

Apr 6, 2024 - 07:27
Apr 6, 2024 - 07:27
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Lionesses Break Barriers: Don Special British Sign Language Tops for Wembley Showdown

England's Lionesses are set to make history at Wembley as they gear up for their European qualifier against Sweden, donning special British Sign Language training tops in a powerful display of inclusivity. Partnering with EE and The FA, the team's initiative not only celebrates diversity but also champions accessibility in football, sending a clear message of unity to fans worldwide.

The decision to wear these distinctive tops not only serves as a visual reminder of the importance of inclusivity but also highlights the need for greater representation of the deaf community within the sport. With statistics revealing a stark disparity between the number of individuals with hearing loss and proficient BSL signers, this initiative seeks to bridge the gap and make football a more welcoming space for all. Lionesses star Lucy Bronze expressed her pride in wearing the BSL tops, emphasizing the team's dedication to using their platform for positive change. As they kick off their European title defense, the Lionesses aim not only to secure victory on the field but also to champion inclusivity and diversity in football. Furthermore, EE's 'Support. It's In Your Hands' campaign, which encompasses the BSL tops initiative, underscores the importance of involving the deaf community in football conversations. Through initiatives like player-worn shirt auctions and special matchday recognition for the England women's deaf football team, the campaign aims to foster a sense of belonging and empowerment among all football enthusiasts, regardless of their hearing abilities.

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