Massive Fire outbreak at Whein Town Sanitary Landfill Site Raises Concern In PAynesville City

Jan 25, 2024 - 07:40
Jan 25, 2024 - 07:44
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Massive Fire outbreak at Whein Town Sanitary Landfill Site Raises Concern In PAynesville City

A massive fire erupted at the only Sanitary Landfill Site in Paynesville, Whein Town Community, responsible for receiving garbage from various cities in Montserrado.

Community members reported the fire starting about 9pm on Monday evening, originating from the middle of the third large, densely packed garbage mound at the landfill site, causing a sleepless night for residents near the area.

The blaze unleashed a colossal amount of smoke throughout Whein Town, prompting municipal dwellers to evacuate their homes in search of a safer place to rest. In response to finding adequate solution to the embarrassing situation, the Liberia National Fire Service swiftly dispatched two fire service trucks and personnel equipped to combat the fire. Despite their efforts, the fire continued to escalate due to strong winds. It's appropriately 48hrs now since the fire fighters commenced effort to combating the fire but to no avail.

John Siaffa, the coordinator for the JNB and JKK volunteers who was on the scene, lamented that upon examination, they established that the cause of the  fire was due to immense heat and gas generated by the accumulated garbage.

"These are testament to global warming, and the time that we had in-between that we didn't have water to battle this thing, that's what increased the fire" He Noted.

Siaffa emphasized that the fire was a natural occurrence, attributing it to the rising temperatures within the garbage during the dry season, causing the gas produced by the stacked garbage to ignite nearly every year.  Siaffa, further used the medium to call for technical support from individuals with water trucks to assist the Liberia National Fire Service in extinguishing the fire. He also mentioned that their team is working to empower community members so as to contribute to the firefighting efforts.

The JNB & JKK Inauguration Volunteers head further stated that there's urgent need for more logistics inorder to held battle the incident. "We need Fuel, we need water, even manpower, whatever you have send it and we will appreciate we will appreciate" Mr. Siaffa requested.

As it stands the condition current condition of the largest Sanitary Landfill in Paynesville remains a major challenge for the Liberia National Fire Service as well as posing severe health danger to the community dwellers in the areas.

The Whein Town Sanitary Landfill Site is about 25-acre created in 2005 following the closure of the previous solid waste disposal site in Fiamah Sinkor. The sight is currently been managed by the Monrovia City Corporation.

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