IE Midfielder Aloysius Klon Expelled from Tournament for Attacking FIFA Badged Referee

For Attacking Central Referee Stanley Konah, Player Aloysius Klon has been expelled from the ZBillon Off-Season Tournament.

Invincible Eleven and Elite All-Star Midfielder Aloysious Shano Klon have been banned from participating in the ongoing ZBILLION Off-Season Football tournament following his attack on FIFA Badge Referee Stanley Konah Jr.

According to a release from the organizing Committee, Klon attacked the Central referee after he was given a matching order during his side Elite All-Star match against Pro 814 on May 24, 2023, at the Voker Mission Sports Pitch in Paynesville.

The Organizing Committee at the same time condemned the act exhibited by the Invincible Eleven midfielder, describing such behavior as unprofessional and showing a low level of sportsmanship.

The Committee said such behavior tarnishes the image of Liberian football.

“Football is a game that is meant to be free of violence. Therefore, we strongly condemn Aloysius Shano Klon’s actions and call on all football lovers to not encourage any incident of such and to ensure that such incidents do not happen again in the future. We must promote a culture of respect and fair play in football and discourage any form of violence on the field,” the release stated.

Meanwhile, the organizers of the ZBillion Off-Season tournament have given the assurance that there will be a string of security measures put in place to curtail any unprofessional behavior.

“We want to inform everyone that some security measures will be put in place beginning tomorrow. The safety of the referees, teams, players, and supporters has become the responsibility of the organizers.”

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