Legislative Staffers Endorse Boakai-Koung Ticket, Blast CDC-Government for ‘Cutting their Pay’

MONROVIA – a group of legislative staffers on Tuesday pledged their unwavering support to the Unity Party standard bearer ex-VP Joseph Nyumah Boakia and is running mate Senator Jeremiah Kpan Koung.

Since the announcement of Senator Koung as the vice standard, the Unity Party (UP) continues to received huge support in its bid to regain state power democratically after languishing in the opposition realm for more than five years now.

The legislative staffers, comprising of central administration (civil servants) and lawmakers’ personal staff also honored Senator Nyonblee Karngar-Lawrence and her close pal, Senator Abraham Darius Dillon for their ‘selfless and remarkable’ decision in supporting the Boakia-Koung ticket.

The staffers’ chairman Prince Gbieu said the Boakai-Koung ticket represents the aspiration of the Liberian people and they decided to resoundingly pledge their support.

“We, the legislative staffers have called you here today to celebrate and express our confidence in you. We have seen your efforts and experience your leadership ability, and that’s why we have gathered here today to pledge our support to your endeavors,” Gbieu said.

The ceremony was marred by anti-Weah slogans and songs.

The group’s adviser and former Chairman Charles Brown said the Weah-led government has done more harm than good to all Liberians.

He said under the guise of the government’s salary harmonization program, the Ministry of Finance and Development has sliced their salaries so much that they now live on crediting.

“Today we have resolved, honorable senators that we will stand by you people… for the fact that the Government that some of us voted for in 2017 created a mayhem by harmonizing our salaries. God will not bless us if we stand in line and tell them thank you with our votes,” Brown said.  

Though most of the staffers make below US$500, they complained that their salary has been affected by the harmonization policy. Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel Tweah has repeatedly stated no worker below US$500 is affected.

In addition to salary cut, Brown named delay in salary, rampant corruption, ritualistic killings, mysterious deaths and the proliferation of drugs as some of the short comings of the Weah administration.

 ‘The True Rescue Mother’

Certificating Senator Karngar-Lawrence and Dillon, the staffers thanked them and described her as the “true Rescue Mother.”

The LP Political leader thanked the workers for always inspiring her to keep serving Grand Bassa and Liberia at large.

She recalled that the workers stood by her during the sudden death of her husband, Rep. Adolph Lawrence and have always identify with her during good times.

She added that her decision to back the Boakai-Koung ticket was also inspired by them.

‘Bassa vote is secured’

Senator Karngar-Lawrence thanked the staffers and vowed to empower them to not only campaign for the Unity Party, but to safeguard the party’s votes to ensure a resounding victory.

“By the decision we made, we know that Liberia is getting on the right path. We are five months away from changing this government and there will be no second round,” she said.

“Every election year, we vote to change or maintain our leaders. This year we are putting the right team together to offer sound leadership. And we are all grateful for the decision we made on Sunday.”

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