VIP Lounge Denial Sparks Warning: CDC Secretary General Cautionary Post Raises Concerns

Mar 3, 2024 - 23:09
Mar 3, 2024 - 23:12
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VIP Lounge Denial Sparks Warning: CDC Secretary General Cautionary Post Raises Concerns

By: Benjamin Keibah

CDC secretary general statement against the president of the Republic of Liberia stands in a very harsh state as he told the Liberian leader and followers to watch out after coming very strong in a facebook post in defense of former Liberian president George Weah.

The former mayor of the city of Monrovia got infuriated with the Boakai administration following the denial of EX-Liberian president and the political leader of the Coalition for Democratic Change to use the VIP lounge at the Roberts International Airport upon his return to Liberia on Tuesday February 27,2024.

The VIP lounge at the Roberts International Airport was built by the ex president during his regime to be used by VIP entering or leaving the country but it took a surprise to see the former president being denied the opportunity to use the area upon his his arrival to Liberia from the trip which he made right after the inauguration of president Boakai and his Vice president Jeremiah Koung.

The CDC secretary general took to his Facebook page on Wednesday referring to the followers of president Boakai as gang of political desperados "Boakai and his gang of political desperadoes are engaged into conspicuous diplomatic boo-boo. Watch out !!".

This statement made based anger may be seen from different views most especially a threat of engaging into chaos or it may also be seen as an alert of giving the entire Unity Party an eye for an eye moment if the Coalition for Democratic Change will have been elected after the six years of president Boakai or anytime in the future.

Koijee was sanctioned by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), of the United States Treasury for alleged involvement in human rights abuses.

 The sanctions came on December 8,2023 the eve of the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and also following the defeat of the Coalition for Democratic Change during the November 14 run-off election in 2023.

Koijee was accused of stoking violence and controlling paramilitary-style organizations associated with the CDC. These groups, according to OFAC, allegedly comprised former combatants and recently released prisoners, are believed to have violently disrupted government critics’ demonstrations and opposition activities.

Koijee is also implicated in various instances of violence, including an opposition rally in July 2022, a memorial service for former President Amos Sawyer in March 2022, an anti-rape protest in August 2020, a student graduation ceremony in December 2019, and an opposition rally in November 2018. Koijee is also accused of engaging in corrupt acts, including bribery and misappropriation of state assets for private political movements. OFAC sanctioned him under Executive Order 13818 for serious human rights abuses and corruption.

He has not yet come up to provide clarity on the last part of his most talk about Facebook post (watch out!!!) yet but we hope he does that in a sooner possible time.

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