Young Liberian Pilot Transcontinental Aviation Mission: Inspiring Liberian's Aviation Fanatics On An Extraordinary Journey

Nov 23, 2023 - 09:50
Nov 23, 2023 - 10:07
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Young Liberian Pilot Transcontinental Aviation Mission: Inspiring Liberian's Aviation Fanatics On An Extraordinary Journey
Abner Yonly, young Liberian Pilot

In a groundbreaking solo expedition, a daring young Liberian pilot embarked on a historic flight spanning continents, navigating a single-engine plane from North America to Africa.

Abner Yonly charted his course from the United States, making remarkable stops in Greenland, Canada, Iceland, France, Spain, and the United Kingdom. This extraordinary journey etched history with a distinct Liberian identity.

Yonly arrives in his homeland after becoming the first black person to complete a solo intercontinental flight in a single-engine aircraft, a 1976 Beechcraft Sundowner.

In an exclusive interview on VOA Daybreak Africa, Yonly shared the motivational narrative of his life as a pilot, underscoring the challenges and risks he encountered during his studies.

Yonly embarked on his remarkable journey on October 27, 2023, departing from Maryland, United States, with the explicit aim of raising awareness about aviation in Liberia.

"My primary objective in this journey is to revive and restore the aviation community to its former vibrancy," he emphasized.

Yonly explained that taking breaks during the journey was crucial, primarily due to the 1976 Beechcraft Sundowner's single-engine configuration. These breaks were essential for both aircraft maintenance and personal rejuvenation to prepare for the subsequent legs of the journey.

The 1976 Beechcraft Sundowner is typically priced at $72,454.00, with a total cost of ownership amounting to $14,677.65. It boasts a best cruise speed of 116 KIAS (0), a range of 565 NM, and a maximum fuel burn of 9.5 GPH. Other specifications include a gross weight of 2,450 LBS, an empty weight of 1,494 LBS, a maximum payload capacity of 756 LBS, and a fuel capacity of 57 GAL.

Expressing his mission, Yonly emphasized that his driving force behind this remarkable flight was to inspire fellow Liberians, especially those with a keen interest in aviation.

The young Liberian pilot commenced his flight from the USA to Canada, then proceeded from Canada to Greenland, crossing Greenland to Iceland before landing in the United Kingdom for his initial break. Continuing his solo flight journey, he safely navigated from Scotland to London, then from London to France, and subsequently from France to Spain, finally landing in Morocco.

"Although flying solo can sometimes be monotonous, I constantly remind myself of the specific goal I have set for reaching my home country, Liberia," he remarked.

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