Allegations Surrounding Assistant Minister's Office Stir Controversy at MICAT

Nov 21, 2023 - 07:30
Dec 11, 2023 - 16:46
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Allegations Surrounding Assistant Minister's Office Stir Controversy at MICAT
Assistant Minister for Technical Services at MICAT David B. Kolleh and his now empty office

MONROVIA: Reports from the office of the Assistant Minister for Technical Services at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs & Tourism (MICAT) David B. Kolleh have sparked controversy after his office was reportedly discovered empty, devoid of any office materials. All items in the assistant minister's office, including an icebox, television, and office furniture, were allegedly purchased by the government of Liberia, according to MICAT.

The Ministry through a majority of the staff voiced their concerns, stating that they would not permit the Assistant Minister for Technical Services including the Ministry of Finance, to receive a salary for the next two months.

                                                                                 By: William B L McGill/Intern 

“We will not allow him here till he returns those materials. It's the Liberian people's money and he came here overnight and took everything away.”

In response, Assistant Minister David B. Kolleh promptly refuted the allegations made by the ministry's employees. He asserted that all the items, ranging from office furniture to electronic appliances, were purchased with his funds.

Furthermore, Kolleh mentioned that the Director of Procurement, Darlington Cheeks, Minister of Information Hon. Atty Daniel C Gayedyu Jr., and Chief Eugene Lenn Nagbe are all aware of these transactions.

“The Director of Procurement Darlington Cheeks, Hon. Atty Daniel C Gayedyu Jr. the Minister of Information then chief Eugene Lenn Nagbe testified that I bought everything I had in my office from my pocket. From the rug, new desk, office cabinet, coffee table, ice box, air conditioner, printer, television, guest chair, and I even bought chairs and desks for the New Liberia Newspaper for staff to work as they had nothing to begin work with.”

The conflicting narratives have added a layer of complexity to the situation, leaving the public seeking clarity on the origin of the office materials.

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