Another Mysteriously Death in Maryland, Man 42 Discovered Dead in Pleebo

Feb 12, 2024 - 16:11
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Another Mysteriously Death in Maryland, Man 42 Discovered Dead in Pleebo

PLEEBO, Maryland:     A 42 year old man identified as Matthew Sieh has been discovered dead in Gebio community, Pleebo City, Maryland County. The victim was discovered by community dwellers, in the early morning hours of Monday, February 12, 2024.


Upon the discovery, a team of Police and Medical practitioners headed by Detective CSD commander Jimmie T. Kaydor, who set up a 15 men coroner juror to join the medical practitioner and investigators to EXAMINE and OBSERVE the body to determine whether or not there were body parts removed.


During the examination process, the medical team headed by D. Banney Neufville pronounced victim Matthew Sieh dead while also observing  four (4) deep Cuts (INJURIES) on the forehead, INJURIES on the back, INJURY on the right ear, injury on the Left foot and bruises all over the deceased body though all body parts were INTACT.


"All parts are correct on him, but there are major cuts, four, with several bruises, but we can't tell what killed him because we don't know." Health practitioner D. Banney Neufville told Knewsonline reporter.


This is just a tip of the series of mysterious deaths in the county over the months. Maryland, located in south-east region of the country has been branded as a ritual territory where citizens get missing and later discovered dead with most instances, body parts missing.


Mysterious deaths of Men, Women and Children has become the order of the day with government not being able to properly apprehend, investigate and prosecute those found liable for their crimes. Such action has led to many involving into jungle justice whenever a perpetrator is caught by the citizens.


Said slow action to handle cases of such has left many citizens with the hope that; everyone should serve their own security as pronounced by the immediate past President, George Weah. This calls for action and better security measures.

In a confused state of mind and loose hope, residents stood in silence wondering the fate of their safety as many in rural areas travel distances by foot for farm and commercial purposes both day and night.

However, community members who knows the victim during his lifetime have in separate remarks stated that the deceased was a NOTORIOUS CRIMINAL.


The body of victim Matthew Sieh was turned over to the family, while police investigation into the matter continues. 

By: Peter Toe, Correspondent

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