CDC Thomas Fallah Blasts Executive Members Calling for His Suspension

Mar 28, 2024 - 18:57
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CDC Thomas Fallah Blasts Executive Members Calling for His Suspension

By: Contributing Writer

CDC’s National Vice Chair for Operations, Thomas Fallah has termed as a disservice and bravely blasted some executives and members of the party for recently calling for his suspension for attending the induction program of Internal Affairs Minister, Francis Nyumalin.

Recently, some executives and members of the Coalition for Democratic Change were consistently demanding the immediate suspension of Representative Fallah of Lofa County Electoral District #1 for attending the induction ceremony of Internal Affairs Minister, Francis Nyumalin.

They claimed that their VPO attended Minister Nyumalin’s induction program without the consent of the party, on grounds that prior to his appointment, the Minister threatened and masterminded the killing of ‘CDCians’ during the 2023 presidential and legislative elections in Lofa County.

This call has stirred up mixed reactions among partisans of the CDC, as others termed the call as a witch-hunt or selective justice against one partisan when some senators representing the party joined other senators to confirm Mr. Nyumalin to the position but failed to include those lawmakers on the suspension list.

On the other hand, some CDCians held the views that Representative Fallah is a ranking member of the former ruling establishment and some partisans were reportedly killed in Lofa on the order of Nyumalin as such; the lawmaker despite his position as Deputy House Speaker for the 55th National Legislature had no reason to have attended such program.

But officially breaking silence on the matter during his appearance at the national headquarters of the party in Congo Town, Wednesday, March 27, 2024, Thomas Fallah expressed disappointment in those individuals who were championing said calls against him.

The Lofa County Electoral District #1 lawmaker maintained that since he formally joined the party over the years, there is no proven record within the CDC to indict him of betraying his political institution.

“When I listen to some of you, the junior comrades and friends, we hold nothing against you because this is a struggle. We’ve paid our dues; a Fallah did not strip the CDC. Enter into the Kissi Chiefdom, some of you do not understand and know what it means, the traditional district that I stood and said don’t vote Joseph Boakai. We’re on record and history. How many of you are strong enough to go into chiefdom and say, don’t vote my kinsman but vote X, Y and Z. This is the Fallah that CDC says he wants to betray because he attended a program,” he blasted.

Fallah also questioned the feeling of those partisans who questioned him for gracing the induction ceremony of the Internal Affairs Minister when those victims (CDCians) were murdered and killed right in his presence and buried them, noting that he is even hurt than anyone would think

“For God in Heaven sake, we’re saying this to some of you today, our friends. I know sometimes these emotions come in and you want to act; no record in the CDC can prove that Thomas Fallah defied the party before. For me to hear the CDC trying to negate that fact to say Fallah is a deviant, Fallah betrayed the party and he’s a betrayal but we let it go for another time, we played leadership and called on all our partisans, we must unite,” he added.

At the same time, Representative Thomas Fallah has questioned the sincerity of the call for his suspension after Minister Nyumalin was confirmed by the Liberian Senate, where CDC lawmakers formed part of said decision.

According to him, the Coalition for Democratic Change has over 11 seated Senators at the Liberian Senate who passed/confirmed Mr. Nyemalin to the Internal Affairs Minister post.

But he expressed dismay over the deliberate refusal and failure of those calling for his suspension from the party to take a similar fight with the Senators but only chose to target him out for just attending the induction ceremony.

"People chastised Fallah for attending the induction ceremony of Minister Nyemalin in the name of peace but they failed to chastise the over 11 CDC Senators who passed Nyemalin before he became the Minister of Internal Affairs. That is a disservice to me," Representative Fallah stressed.

In furtherance, the CDC Vice Chair for Operations has challenged members of the party, from the Standard Bearer, National Executive Members and the Youth League to redirect their energy to preventing the confirmation of some nominations made President Joseph Boakai affecting Foya District, Lofa County.

According to him, three of the individuals who participated in the murdering of CDCians in Foya District were recently nominated by the President to serve the local government structure in the district.

"That energy you have to call for my suspension, I want to challenge the CDC, from the Standard Bearer to the other members to use that same energy to challenge that decision. We have video and pictorial evidence in which these three individuals and I will call their names, were seen killing our partisans," Fallah indicated.


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