Curran Lutheran Hospital on Go-Slow Protest Over Unpaid Salaries

Dec 8, 2023 - 10:49
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Curran Lutheran Hospital on Go-Slow Protest Over Unpaid Salaries

Zorzor, Lofa County: Over 80,000 residents in Zorzor and Salayea Districts including parts of Voinjama, Koyanmai in Guinea, and Belleh District in Gbarpolu, are facing potential health risks as employees at Curran Lutheran Hospital initiate a go-slow protest, demanding payment five months of their overdue salaries.

The Curran Lutheran Hospital that is serving as the sole private referral facility in Zorzor, Lofa County, has become a point of concern as workers have laid down tools following a one-week ultimatum issued to the hospital's administration to settle their outstanding salary arrears.

 Amb. Matthew Tarnue Woyea, the Chief Pharmacist and chairman of the Workers' Union, revealed that despite engagements with the administration, no resolution has been reached so far.

Patients currently admitted to the hospital will continue to receive treatment, according to Mr. Woyea. However, he cautioned the public against seeking medical attention at the facility during the protest, emphasizing that new patients will not be accepted, regardless of their condition.

In response to inquiries, Mr. Sumo Woyea, the administrator of Curran Lutheran Hospital, acknowledged the five months' salary arrears stating that there are ongoing engagements with stakeholders of the institution but have not yielded positive results.

Although he affirmed the hospital's commitment to resolving the issue, but with no specific timeline.

The situation has left citizens, particularly pregnant women, in a state of confusion. Urgent calls have been directed to the hospital's administration, county officials, and national leaders to swiftly address the problem to prevent potential fatalities in the region.

The looming health crisis underscores the immediate need for a resolution to safeguard the well-being of  patients and residents of the area. 

As the protest continue, concerns are growing over the impact on critical healthcare services in the region. The absence of a definitive timeline for salary payment raises questions about the hospital's financial stability and its ability to provide essential medical care.

Local leaders are being urged to intervene, with citizens expressing frustration over the prolonged impasse.

The ripple effect of the protest extends beyond the immediate community, with neighboring regions in Guinea and Gbarpolu also feeling the strain. Calls for solidarity are mounting as residents fear the worsening health situation and potential loss of lives due to delayed medical attention.

By: Junior B. Kesselee, Correspondent

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