Former Rep. Jimmy Smith Delivers Final Report to Mont. District #2, Residents Following end of his Tenure

Jan 26, 2024 - 19:10
Jan 26, 2024 - 19:12
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Former Rep. Jimmy Smith Delivers Final Report to Mont. District #2, Residents Following end of his Tenure

On Sunday, January 14, 2024, Montserrado County District #2 outgoing lawmaker Jimmy Smith, delivered his final message to the  people of his district particularly supporters.

Hon. Smith used the opportunity to express gratitude to his people ofor the privilege given him to serve as their representative describing it as an amazing legacy of his life. The outgoing lawmaker used the opportunity to consider some of his many accomplishments both in his constituency and at the Liberian Legislature, as well as his numerous international representations made on behalf of the country's citizens.

The well landed security expert who has also been serving as one of the two Vice Presidents at the The Network Of African Parliamentarians On Defence, Security and Intelligence Committee is sadly expected to relinquish his post due to the lost of his election, which is of exceptional importance on the continent of Africa in the area of security. The post will be assumed by the person to be appointed in the 55th National legislature of Liberia but will only be a member of the network not Vice President because a position of such is subject to election by member states. 

The Network of African Parliamentarians On Defence, Security and Intelligence Committee
oversees continental security matters in Africa and is comprised of members of the Defense and Security Committees from various African parliaments.

At the same time, the accomplished Liberian security expert disclosed that there’s going to be another great loss regarding the turnover of his post as chairperson of  the Israel Allies foundation(IAF). Hon. Smith explained that following his visit to Israel in 2021, religious leaders, particularly pastors, have had two pilgrimages to the HolyLand of Israel within the last two (2) years as the result of his lobby, emphasizing the importance of his participation at the Israel Allies Foundation (IAF) as Chairman-Liberia Chapter. Rep. Smith however, noted that the post will be transferred to another legislator not necessarily from district #2. This expected legislator must be a member of the 55th National Legislature, but he or she must be a Christian in order to qualify for the position. 

Even though the award-winning legislator expressed discomfort over his premature departure from the national legislature, he however boasted about his massive developmental activities in almost every community within his district. The humanitarian lawmaker highlighted the construction of a modern district office in Jacob Town, the renovation and expansion of the Jacob Town, Mount Barclay, Kpanwin and Kpelleh town markets, the construction of a modern annex at the Johnsonville Public School, the construction of the longest modern footpath bridge in Montserrado County valued at over forty thousand US dollars (40,000) between the Christian community and Neezoe, the provision of over 16million Liberian dollars to different women organizations across the district; the provision of scholarships for at least one hundred ten(110) students prior to his excendency in 2018 and over five hundred(500) students at the MVTC and Golden Age Impart Liberia during his tenure as a leader of the district amongst other things. 

In the area of lawmaking, the tough-talking legislative floor fighter detailed on his resourceful inputs during plenary debates that led to the amendment of several national instruments, while at the same time arguing that he’s the first representative of electoral district #2, Montserrado County, to present two (2) bills as one has already passed the lower house and is currently before the Senate for concurrence.

Achievements in the Legislature:


As per the legislator's account, he vigorously lobbied with the president's office through the then minister of states and presidential affairs office, and the legislature's leadership for the construction of roads in his district, specifically Nicklay Town to Rehab Market, St. Francis community, and Johnsonville roads.
Even though majority of his constituents, particularly those who live in those beneficiary communities did not acknowledge his efforts at the ballot, Hon. Smith however expressed gratitude to the late Hon. Mabutu F. Nyanpan, former minister of public works and the office of the president for their cooperation in paving the Johnsonville roads. These roads stretch from Pipeline Turning Point to Ma-Kollie Hill, from Central Johnsonville to Dry Rice Market, and from Central Johnsonville to Mount Barclay. The pavements got completed as a result of repeated pressure on relevant authorities.

Despite those efforts, the legislator robustly lambasted the government, particularly the Ministry of Public Works, for the glacial pace of work on the Nicklay Town road and the government's outright refusal to carry out the construction of the Jacob Town Public School, as the document we have in our possession demonstrates.


Two bills were presented, one of which is currently awaiting Senate approval after passing the House of Representatives. The goal is to create a Technical Vocational College in the Township of Johnsonville, District #2. To gain budgetary independence, the second measure aims to detach the MVTC from the Ministry of Youths and Sports and establish it as an independent entity.


➢ Central Bank of Liberia(CBL) Act of 1999 to 2021

Representative Jimmy Smith, a member of the Judiciary Committee, championed the removal of the provisions that devalued Liberian Dollar currency, mutilated notes, and the CBL's ability to determine the face value of a mutilated note known as tear-tear. Even when the cash is torn or disfigured, its full-face value is recovered, returning all torn or mutilated money to its original worth.

➢ Drafted the LRA New Revenue Code for value-added taxe(VAT) a new code for revenue generation restricted to only Education and Health. 

➢ Amended provisions of the Alien and Nationality Law as one of the members of the conference committee, representing the House of Representative. 

Leadership Positions: 

1. Chairman, House Committee on National Defense
2. Ranking Member, House Committee on National Security
3. Ranking Member, House Committee on Judiciary
4. Member, House Committee on Contracts and Monopoly

Foreign Representations:

Having been elected by members of other African parliaments in Abuja, Rep. Jimmy Smith has been the Third vice president for anglophone countries serving on the executive board of the Network of African Parliamentarians on Defense, Security and Intelligence. 

The outgoing chairman of the House Committee on Defense, when questioned about his opinions on the current state of affairs, stated that more focus should be placed on the security sector and also revealed that the government, led by Ex-Soccer star- George Weah failed in maintaining law and order.

The humanitarian-lawmaker, remained silent when asked if he has any plan to run for the same office in the 2029 legislative or presidential elections. Instead, he publicly declared that he will no longer be involved in any district-related matters, handing over the mantle to his successor. The congressman begged the public, especially his constituents to let him enjoy his premature retirement, emphasizing the necessity for a free-living environment.

Interestingly, on Monday, January 15, 2024, his most feared political opponent, Bishop Nimely admitted on Truth FM, 96.1fm by saying, “Jimmy Smith did his best and I would’ve preferred him if not me.” 

In furtherance, Rep. Jimmy Smith clarified that he was very consistent in his lobby for the completion of the unfinished government funded public school in Jacob Town noting that It was one of his unfortunate political liabilities. He further stated that the George Weah led government willfully refused or failed to complete the Jacob Town public of school in spite of the many outcries from the he and the people of the district, that the public school was not completed because it was not a priority of the Weah led government for which he didn’t build a single public school in Monrovia least to mention other areas. The outgoing lawmaker pointed out that the singular priority of the Weah-Taylor government was to build roads because the construction of roads is lucrative with heavy kickbacks. 

As it can be recorded, on Wednesday, August 18, 2023, the outgoing president visited electoral district #2 where he assured the constituents that his government would complete the public school which he failed to do.

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