Jewel’s Sadness at Boakai's Inauguration Sparks Debate, Is There Regret and Why?

Jan 22, 2024 - 15:21
Jan 23, 2024 - 16:22
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Jewel’s Sadness at Boakai's Inauguration Sparks Debate, Is There Regret and Why?

Capitol Hill: The Inauguration of President Joseph Boakai and his vice seem to be a blow to Liberia’s former vice president as pundits debate her visibly discontented posture during the ongoing inauguration ceremony in Monrovia.


As the country prepared to welcome its new leadership, Taylor's deportment stood out, raising questions about her state of mind and the reasons behind her apparent unhappiness.


Unlike her immediate boss, former President George Weah, Taylor, unfortunately was caught in spinning cameras repeatedly wiping her face leaving many wondering the reason behind the flow of waters from her eyes during a program that was expected to be graced by excitement.


Series of unanswered questions has since been popping up with some asking; “why is she sad? Is she crying and why? Is she disappointed? Was this not expected? And so on”.


However, her tenure was not without controversy, as she faced criticism from her party, the CDC and also her alleged involvement in corruption scandals and human rights abuses during her previous marriage to former Liberian President and warlord, Charles Taylor who is currently serving a lifetime sentence in the Netherlands.


It is important to note that Taylor's dissatisfaction during the inauguration could be attributed to a variety of factors ranging from their landslide defeat in the November 14, 2023 run-off election.


 The transition of power in Africa is often mixed with emotions for outgoing officials, especially if they were not successful in their endeavors or if they faced significant challenges during their tenure.


 It is possible that Taylor's unhappiness stems from a sense of unfulfilled ambitions or unachieved goals during her time as Vice President.


Despite massive public outcry by the citizens, Weah was regularly seen spending lavishly couple with fancy travels that was repeatedly marked by mass criticism, all these was only realized when he was whipped through the ballot box by the main opposition Unity Party.

Weah massive defeat in October of last year constrained him to immaturely concede defeat ahead of the pronouncement from the country’s electoral commission. 


If there were internal divisions or disagreements within the coalition, it is possible that Taylor's dissatisfaction is a reflection of these tensions.


However, without further information or statements from Taylor herself, it is challenging to determine the exact reasons behind her apparent gloominess during such auspicious program.


It is crucial to approach such observations with caution and avoid making assumptions without concrete evidence or statements from the individuals involved.


As Liberia embarks on a new chapter with the inauguration of its new leadership, it is now a lesson and a call to essentially to focus on future challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


The country's progress and development should be the primary concern, and any political differences or personal grievances should be addressed through peaceful and democratic means.

By: William Howard & Albert Fania

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