khalid-and-nasty-c-to-be-featured-on-jzyno-Upcoming ep

Apr 2, 2024 - 11:52
Apr 2, 2024 - 12:06
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khalid-and-nasty-c-to-be-featured-on-jzyno-Upcoming ep

By: Odarty Blackie

Monrovia: The global boy from Liberia track list has so far review 

Nasty C, and Nigerian Khaid as two of the heavyweights who have contributed to his upcoming Ep.

Recently, the Liberian international Jzyno unveiled a snippet of the song with nasty C 


This is nasty C first collaboration with the Liberian Afrobeat icon so far. 

A couple of weeks back, Jzyno also took to his Facebook to announce his strong match with the Nigerian Khaid. 

After signing a record deal with Sydney Turker’s Neuville Record, khaid rose to stardom with the release of the song “With You” in 2022. 

It is becoming to seem more like Collaboration has become a strategic path for Jzyno’s growth in the industry and something that makes him exceptional amongst his colleagues. 

It is not a gossip that Jzyno “Kpan Kpan Me” with the sensitional Afro Pop legend TeddyRide 2020 brought him to prominence in africa while “Butter My Bread” featuring Ghanian “Lasmid” gifted him a global recognition of his Career.

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