Liberian Artist, Mr. Parbai Becomes Victim of Unprovoked Police Assault.

Apr 1, 2024 - 08:03
Apr 1, 2024 - 08:17
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Liberian Artist, Mr. Parbai Becomes Victim of Unprovoked Police Assault.

By: Odarty Blackie

Montserrado: At a time when the country is confronted with challenges of injustice and police brutality, Mr. Parbai was recently seen in a video in a local village being harassed and assaulted by members of the Liberian National Police over an alleged land dispute.

The incident was widely spread across his official social handle involving a disturbing video capturing him and several Police officers manhandling him over what is said to be land dispute.

Parbai during the incident identified a man known as Blama Wright who is believed to be a land dealer as the individual who give rise and prompted the officer’s action against him.

In what is believed to be “solidarity” the award winning song writer staged a plea to his counterparts in the industry to intervene in seeking justice.

The following convey his message:

“I am calling on all musicians, bloggers, Dj’s and all Liberians. I was attacked today by 4:45 by a land dealer called Blama Wright and mount Barclay Depot police officers. They said Joseph N. Boakai (President of the republic of Liberia) send them to take my car from me today, when I came to visit my family in worlakor town today. My cook and my mother were shock today. This is an SOS call to all Liberians I’m not safe I speak to you now”.

The outstanding Liberian music star has ceased to be visible after releasing couple of hits in 2022, something that stairs concern among many music lovers.

Just few month before his unfortunate predicament, the hit maker released his latest iconic record “ Let’s Go Party“, a single that is intended to reintroduced him to the spot light.

He had several hit songs including “Da Love Oh”. Mr. Parbai won numerous awards at Tunes Liberia Music Awards and wealth and was nominated to perform at the LMA.

This is just the least, as Liberians has watched series of Police brutality in recent years with some leading to the release of firearm against citizens, leading to their death.

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